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  1. thank you for helping me, i tried that also but its still error page.. im a
  2. thank you Coknuck, but i've only see there is the TCP optimizer im looking the TCP/IP analizer.. and i dont know how to use TCP optimizer.. sorry if im slow just im new of this activity...
  3. Thank you for helping but i went in the page that before cause i follow the 20 steps instruction, the problem is when i click the link for the TCP/IP analyzer the page is error... so thats why i try to find onother TCP/IP analyzer.. hope you can help me... Thank you...
  4. Hello everyone.. anyway im new here... i have a problem about TCP/IP Analyzer, i dont know where can i find it... im trying to search but i cant find it... hope someone help me... thank you very much
  5. Can i ask a something.. its for Broad Band? cause when i type the into adrdess bar then i click the configuration i see on the top of the page this ----> 5.7GHz - Subscriber Module - 0a-00-3e-f5-62-6e No valid accounts configured. Using default user account . its still ok or i need to not continue the configure? thank you and hope help me how to speed up my connection.. thank you..
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