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  1. i have this Presario 2100 it is almost 4 years old, one day i was using it for about an hour then it suddenly turns off. and when i try to turn it on nothing happens,  no light, no beep, no response at all. i checked the adapter(i use the adapter to power it up because the battery lasts only for 5 minutes) if its working, the adapter's light is on so i think it is good.

    what could be a solution for this problem?

  2. Guys, i know that downloading from Rapidshare and Megaupload using a free account really takes a lot time :icon_pale:, so i thought of using a premium account so that download speed would be maximized... <SNIP>

    Can someone please tell me which way is the best in getting a premium account... :evil:

    Tnx! :grin:

    I forgot to read the RULES and a Moderator edited my post!



  3. Guys i cant find the exact page where to post this topic...

    >I got a SmartBro 999 plan, using a canopy antena which is connected to a router where a laptop and three desktop computers are plugged.

    >my router TP-Link(the one with four port)

    >My location: outer part of Baguio City, Philippines

    ive read so many post regarding the "SmartBro" stuff things became vary confusing... :undecided:

    here's my question:

       Accessing the canopy page in my situation(for the purpose of tweaking) looks impossible.. right? or wrong?

       In my situation, what are there possible tweaks that will work to speed-up my internet connection?

    Thanks Guys! :grin:


  4. a few information about my self and my pc:

    of course, a Full Blooded Filipino... "Pinoy ata to"  :grin:

    3rd year college student...

    Living on the outer part of Baguio City.

    18 yrs. old

    Has a SmartBro internet connection...

    Has a Windows XP SP2, 1GB Ram, GeCube Radeon X1550 video card desktop PC...

    that all i can think of right now...

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