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  1. If you are getting a LED to light up that means power is getting to the board. Which means the power supply works. The power supply will either work, or not work. You still need to get a multi-meter and test the ends to see if your getting the correct voltage out of each pin-out. Sounds to me like something else is going on.
  2. DOCSIS 3.0 Is not fiber if thats what your talking about. There is no fiber connected your home to the local exchange. There is only fiber (Most likely 10 GigE) from the local exchange to the backbone. But that is the same way it was with DOCSIS 2.0/1.0.
  3. Well if you would have read my entire post, instead of just going to the last line, then this would be a very different situation. I bet you, if I didn't say how you got that score it wouldn't have turned into a "joke".
  4. I'm the guy who knows what you do to get your "10+ Mbps score" on a cell network that is only theoretically capable of 3.1 Mbps Max.
  5. How about you go back and read my entire post. Heres a quote.
  6. So what browser are you using opera mini? You should know you can not use Opera mobile/mini to take a speed test. Operas mobile browsers do not render pages on the phone, they render on operas servers, then the page is sent to the phone, this is how they can display the full page on all phones with out having a real browser. The reason you can't use it to take a speed test is because the speed test is not taken on your phone, its taken on opera server. So the result your seeing is what the server got, not what your phone got. It probably is taken on a phone.
  7. Wrong.... OS X is Unix based OS, with parts from FreeBSD and NetBSD in the original Nextstep OS. 10.5 & 10.6 have shed some of the BSD parts, but its still a BSD unix OS at the core. There is no linux in OS X.
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