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  1. i didn't get william i got Ecole, it took 4 days for them to get me off KU band and onto KA band ,after i complained to BBB ,took me off of my contract. so far speeds are 1.5 to1.7 Kbps,just waiting for flow control to kick in.27 days and counting.free upgrade
  2. hn 7000s modem pro + plan yes i have been dooing speed tests since the 27th of last month per tech support
  3. is it me or is HUGHESNET? it seems the more i complain to them about slow speeds the more problems i have,IE,this morning i was on fap and i called CS and had it released .i then was transfered to level 3 in Fla.for 2 hrs we ran all kinds of tests ,transfered to level 4 ,after getting off the phone i checked my usage and to my surprise i hand downloaded 51.9 MB from 8-9 am i thought test times were not counted or am i just stupid brewmaster
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