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  1. Greetings! My PC is connected to my M933 Dell monitor, and to a Samsung 42" LCD TV, via HDMI cable I have a Dell 8300 series , Pentium 4 CPU, 3.00GHz, 2.99GHz, 1.00GB of RAM Here is my nightmare in short: In April I purchased a Radeon ATI 2400 HD Pro AGP and had to call support because the drivers on the setup disk were not working. They told me to download a driver online which I did. I installed it and everything was fine... until a 2 days ago. I encountered a problem, and believe a few files were corrupted, so I ran my anti-spyware program (Super-Antispyware). Doing things in a rush, I think I deleted the infected file instead of repairing it. I then permamently deleted the file with a wipe program. It was to late to recuperate it, so I downloaded a Vison Tec ATI 2004 HD Pro AGP driver, which is newer driver, and installed it. The results: when I watch online movies or internet tv, the video becomes somewhat choppy, that is, it runs a for 2 or 3 seconds, pauses for less then a second, then does it again and again. Almost every 2 or 3 seconds , there is a less then a second pause (choppy). I never encountered that problem before. The video has always been running smooth, like a movie. I just tried watching CNN live online before posting here. I watch CNN daily, and befroe this problem, the video was always smooth... now it is a bit "choppy". It is not limited to only CNN, but also other online video sources (youtube, hulu, etc). I called ATI support, and they told me to run a simple hotfix ATI driver and believe they just wanted me to resolve my problem without caring about the quality. I say this because, the driver characteristics were simple (it wasn't HD), and it didn't work either. It seemed like they just wanted to get rid of me . Before I call them and blow my stack, what do you recommend? Thanks for the help!
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