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  1. I live in South-Central or Southwest Missouri . We get weather alerts for south-west Mo. but weather alerts for south-central Mo. In the community of Trail Hollow in the town of Dora . Population 1,000 plus
  2. - I live three miles from the main dsl base that is in our town of Dora,mo . Those in Dora vicinity (within one mile ) get speeds to 2 Mbps but I only got a max 93 KB/s . (Reason I said got is that was before I tweaked /optimized my network . I now get 1.25 Mbps) . Anyway , I talked to centurylink about the lower speeds and that they said they throttled all connections outside of the immediate area . Say Huh ????....and had no plans to increase it . I offered to pay more or get another plan but was told I had the highest plan for my location . I asked a centurylink worker if this was so and if I could get higher speeds . He said yes and that you could get higher speed if the company would allow it but they will not . I have no other options because that Centurylink is the only provider here .
  3. Yeah, (union) it was one of those things I didn't see in the fine print when I signed the dotted line but she is a good un ......... I fried a couple hard drives or should say I had to reformat and start over due to tweaking and wouldn't you know I did not back up my files But I learned from that mistake. I am no tech expert by no means but have learned a lot by online help, books and ...trial/error ,(see fried hard drives) hate to admit the last part but i found out what NOT to do by doing so, ha! And I hate Norton, once that booger is on your system it takes deep cleaning to rid the #$%&@#$%@#$% thing. It is a virus in it self. Some what like AOL.
  4. What do mean loving it? huh? that is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY understated Every second! CP is doing great but am going to do some more tweaks in the near future but got to be careful because I sure do not want it to crash and burn. Well gotta go. The wife is sitting behind me saying it is her turn. Will catch up later Tim
  5. What I meant by ice country was ice storms in general, had three in the last four years. Only had some sleet mixed with rain in the am yesterday. And yes the fall colors are great here, except this year it got to cold to quick and the leaves fell off before full color
  6. Speaking of lakes, I am near the Norfork lake and between the Bryant Creek and the White River, in a little community called Dora, The white is really great to Canoe or Tube and Trout fish (Blue Ribbon) with the Bryant being the same but fishing is for Small mouth Bass of which it is loaded. The Mark Twain NF branch is runs along the river. I tell the folks back where I used to lived (Tampa Fl) that my location is 40th and plum, Which is an old Florida cracker term to mean : forty miles from nowhere and plum in da woods
  7. Thanks, Sorry about the late reply, have been busy dialing in Wildblue to pc ect I am located in South/central Mo about 23miles west of West Plains or 60miles east/sth/east of Springfield. ICE COUNTRY
  8. Hey tg, I was an end of the Centurytel line of sevice / DSL with top speed of 260kpbs, and was told that that was all that they could do until they put in more wire/cable but with no immediate plans to do so in the near future. So I had a choice between Hughes or Wild blue of whom the latter I had chosen. And oh by the way I located the large downloads
  9. I was requested from a tech to use your large download test to get a correct reading due to the latency of satellite broadband taking much longer (which I found to be true). I am brand new to the dish setup and I can say it is much different than Cable or DSL . Thanks
  10. Also would like to say thanks for the welcome, it is much appreciated! :
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