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  1. 2 computers with XP Home, 5 with XP professional, 1 macintosh with OS-X 10.0, 2 computers win Windows 2000.
  2. i've got the comcast cable "uuber-fast", which is supposed to be 4.0+Mb/s down and 384Kb/s up. i have a motorola surfboard 5100 modem that i bought off newegg.com and replaced my old RCA modem with. i have a linksys BEFSX41 cable/dsl router/firewall, with a cicso catalyst 5500 10/100 switch for my home LAN. im doing bandwidth tests and constantly getting around 2600Kb/s, usually never more than 3000Kb/s. the box im testing from has an almost-new install of XP with SP1, no SP2 installed; it has antivirus installed, ive recently run spybot and adaware. i have no "tweaks" installd as of now. its a pretty new system, P4 3.2Ghz, 2.0Gb PC4400 memory, 800Mhz fsb, etc, with an onboard 10/100/1000NIC with the latest drivers. almost any machine on my network retursn the same results, around 2600Kb/s. i reboot my router/modem/swithc and i get the same results. the speed's been like this forever, its never gotten slower or faster any ideas?
  3. basically whats goin on is i have access to laptops with the WEP key entered into them, but i dont know the WEP key. i also dont have access to the AP's. i want to use my laptop on the WLAN but i dont have the WEP key, so im stuck...
  4. alright, thanks... i took a look at it; its neat... the thing is i already have the WEP key stored and i wanted to retrieve it not generate a new one... thakns tho
  5. i have a laptop with a WEP key stored on it, but i dont know what the WEP key is. in the connection properties, it shows up but of course its asterik'd out. anyone know how i can retrieve it to see the WEP key? thanks
  6. >>>>I don't think they can stop you from using it do you mean technologically there's no method of blocking access by a router but allowing access to a PC? >>>>most ISP's want you to pay extra for a router any way even DSL and such? im just wondering, because in the past ive never been charged... what experience have you had with ISPs charging? it seems pretty annoying to me... it really doesnt cost them any extra for you to use more than one PC on their service..
  7. hey... i was wondering if anyone was having the same problem as me.. i have comcast cable internet, ive had it for about 2 years now. since i got it, ive always had the standard RCA modem and a linksys BEFSR41 router/4port switch. recently, i was rediong a bunch of stuff on my home network, and everythign was disconnected. i wanted to use my desktop on the internet, so i plugged the RCA modem directly into the desktop. it worked fine, just internet as usual. when i went to plug it back into the router, it doesnt work. the router's status page says it doesnt have an IP address assigned to it by DHCP. so i hit DHCP Release and then DHCP renew, which has always worked in the past.... i get nothing... the router doesnt get an IP and i cant connect. ive tried restarting the modem, router, desktop etc etc.... ive heard that comcast is now charing $20/month if you wanna use a router on your cable internet.... WTF? anyone had similar problems? does it sound like comcast nailed me and now wont let me use my router? HELP please... thank you
  8. Hey... i started having some trouble with my Comcast cable internet last night. i know a few friends who live in my area (southern central CT)... they're having the same problems. basically, i cant go above 80kb/s download speed, ever. webpages seem to load really slowly and when i do bandwidth tests, it goes really slow. about 5 or 10 people that i know with Comcast service have the same problem.. anyone else in southern CT having the same issues? thanks
  9. alright, i see uncapping isnt the way to go.... but in terms of changing my modem... i called comcast and they said that i can use whatever modem i want as long as its on their list of "cerified" modems... http://www.comcast.com/Support/Corp1/FAQ/FaqDetail_2427.html any recomendations? On another topic, ironicly last night ive been having alot of problems with my comcast cable... and a few friends i know that live in town are having similar problems... im getting around 76kb/s download speed. anyone else in southern central CT having trouble with comkast? thanks...
  10. Hey, I was wondering what exactly a person can do to make their cable internet speed the fastest it can be? Here's some background info.... I have Comcast cable internet service... its advertized at 3.0mb/s down and 256kb/s up. I have a small home network with about 15 computers on it... its comprised mostly of hubs. I'm propbably going to change to one big Catalyst 16 port switch sometime soon. I have the standard issue Comcast cable modem that came with my service. I typically run about 1.0mb/s down and around 120k/s up. First, what along the lines of modem hardware should I change to achieve the highest speed? Whats a good brand/model of cable modem to buy? Second, what along the lines of software should I change? Is there some stuff that can be done in the registry to increase speed? I assume this would have to be done on each computer... Would it still increase speed even though none of my computers are directly connected to the modem? Third, is Comcast's 4.0mb/s down and 384k/s up plan worth the extra $10 / month? Should I sign up for that? Lastly, does Comcast use hardware bandwidth caps? I've heard of small inline devices used to make speeds stay within a certain range. If this is true, what are my options on that? Thank you in advance for any ideas anyone might have...
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