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  1. Never challenge an aussie girl - !!!!!!! :knuppel2: hows that !!!!!!
  2. Thankyou, I am one of these very strange people, who do not rely on others opinions to make up my mind on how I feel about others. I prefer to form my own opinion based on my own feelings and interactions with the person. some of the nicest people I know were recommended to me as ------- DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ----- YOU DO NOT WANNA KNOW -------- WATCH OUT FOR --------- so you see, I never listen --- hahaha ----- :cheesy:
  3. why thank you kind sir, she said with a curtsey, and a sly lil' grin----- hahaha, the lip and the nose piercing is all fake --- for the camera only---- the one on the lip has a sticky back, like a glue sticker........ and the nose one is actually a clip -on -- hahahaha --------- rather like the make up and false eyelashes --- all for the camera ----- :cheesy:
  4. Totally disregard that last post----- hahaha I couldnt edit the post -- so I edited the picture - hahahahaahhah I never give up !!!!!!! :cheesy:
  5. tdawnaz your verse --------- Posted by: tdawnaz -- posted on: Today at 06:50:18 AM I have to tell you this touched my heart, it was so beautiful, and so very true-------- all of these guys should be remembered and honored by all of the peeps back home, they do give up so much for the freedoms that we all take so much for granted. edit: fixed your quote
  6. Hi tdawnaz thanks for the welcome---- I am already having fun, -- there are some nice guys in here-- and now I find a nice gal too ------------ :grin:
  7. I did it from the original pix added a pretend ecig for a competition pix on another forum couldnt find the original on my foto bucket to post it here-- hahaah now I found it, but I cant edit to change hahhah so you are stuck with pretend ecig on it --- :smiley:
  8. 10 years apart and one is a studio foto shoot shot check the eyes, cheekbones, mouth ???
  9. Di

    Hiya From Australia

    hi Tommie Thanks, for the welcome, and the comps on pix, this is my most recent one, -- last nov 2008 -- I do sooooo hate having my pix taken in real life- moddeling is diff-- you are all covered in makeup and you are being someone else !!!!!! that part I used to love -- the play acting was soooo much fun -- :laugh: yes, it is our summer now - Dec - Feb gets veeeeeeeeeeeeery HOT !!!!! I prefer spring and winter myself ------- I like HOT in some cases, :evil: :cheesy: but mainly for weather I prefer cool ----- and yes, I agree the crazies do
  10. Di

    Hiya From Australia

    Ha Ha, yes, Babe, you wore me down, I couldn't resist any longer ----- I already know about the crazies, I know you don't I ????????
  11. hahahahah, Tommy, you are tooooo funny -- ok - mmmmmmmm now lets see - ..... what about one from my modeling days, 10 years ago ????????? here is me ready to drape myself accross the hood of a veeeeeeeeeeery expensive automobile at a car show !!!!!! :cheesy:
  12. Well, I cant even think of competing in this contest ----- I can't grow a beard, and I have no chest hair too -- :cheesy: :2funny:
  13. :smitten: Hi from Australia -- my name is Di--- and I am an Aussie--- and before you ask, yes, that is my real picture-- ----- hahahahaha ----- you know what they say about good wine !!!!!
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