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  1. I'm using the Philippine Version 1.51 on my router. I'm using it only for wireless so I have no clue how is it acting on lan, it should act in the same way but who knows... On softpedia forum there is at least 1 person complaining about 1.61 firmware. I actually found a 1.62 firmware on the russian site but i never tested it: http://www.edimax.com.ua/ru/support_detail.php?pl1_idSelect=support.php%3Fpl1_id%3D1%26mwsp%3D1&pl1_id=1&pd_id=11&button=Go On pcgarage (they don't have this product for sale now) there were some discussion about it: http://www.pcgarage.ro/route
  2. I tested my Edimax BR-6204WG router with 3 firmware: 1.51 , 1.59, 1.61. A few problems I noticed with Edimax br-6204wg with 1.61 firmware: 1) let's say i change some setings and i chose to apply them, the wireless will go down but it will never up again, the router lights will show that the wireless is up but it's not up (tested with 3 pcs with atheros and ralink chips windows xp and ubuntu, none of them was able to connect after this cause none of them was seeing the wireless network, it doesn't matter how much I waited (i even waited 30 minutes) or what u did on the clients (scan f
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