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  1. I have been experiencing similar speed issues with Comcast in the US (after a large snow storm but persisting for a week). The speed measured on the same site and using the same browser changes over time. I have called the vendor and we have had technical service visit. They verified this was not due to my equipment and finally confirmed they have some equipment problem upstream of my house. It took many calls, and calls of other subscribers of Comcast in my neighborhood (we all share the same node and should all be having the same problem). My problem was about every 30 minutes the browser sp
  2. Thanks for the update. I had been running the dual test until I started looking at the mirrors where I only saw the download test as an option.
  3. I am new. When I test from the default server for the testmy.net site I get values less than from some other sites (say 8 to 10). The default size was 6.1 Mb file. Don't know how I managed two images. Any thoughts? I just want to do this correctly. Having issues with Comcast and I want to monitor them more. ] But if I choose another mirror, I get unrealistic results say in 40 to 50 mbs. The mirror site does not provide the link to create the image. The mirror sites I pick the "Large" 7 Mb sample file. Mirror-lofl for the first one below :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connect
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