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  1. belated happy birthday to you winfield! hope you enjoy tmn as much as i do!
  2. thats cool! is the conversation we make on the chatroom visible for everyone? or is there a way two members could chat privately?
  3. is live chat up 100% already? cant seem to find other members using it.
  4. oh well, guess theres nothing to worry about. 200 years is more than enough for earth to outlive me!
  5. none. aside from the coke spilled on my fave shirt, (my fault, after i realize its earthquake, i panicked and knocked off a glass of coke) nothing to worry about, no major damage as well althroughout the country according to local media. thanks!
  6. experienced a 5.5 magnitude yesterday afternoon here in manila, and just now, an aftershock... scary. thought it was just me getting dizzy being in front of the monitor a long time. been watching the news since last night and fortunately the earthquake didnt do any major damage..
  7. Thanks zalt and ca3ble. but i think ill just get me a new one. still getting used to navigate testmy. have 1 question though, some of my friends whom ive told testmy about told me they can no longer log in. is it because they never posted? like me they find this site very informative and helpful. do they need to sign up again?
  8. Missing my Batman avatar. LOOOVE the new and improved testmy!
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