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  1. that was actually a download from a private server that runs via HTTPS/FTPES it is located in Europe and it gives me full speeds. I will make few more tests you can go ahead and see my results. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply again. I am still learning your site my specs are 14GB of ram DDR3 1600 MHZ core i7 930 1X 80GB SSD for Windows 1X 250GB ssd 1X USB 3.0 , 2TB Drive 1X 3.0 GB/s 1TB Drive Radeon HD 7950 so those specs are more then enough and yes I do know flash tests are not the best however I have another example , and trying to get better results here on your site And please don't think your servers are crap from my point of view I just wanna know , this way maybe I will improve things on my side let me know what I can do to improve results on your site because I acutally like the auto-tester to give me a lot of results. Thank you second SS is from DD_WRT router
  3. check with verizon speedtest and see what is up.
  4. I tried testing with 200mb file and 33 I think it was for upload and still very weird results , is there any option to select New York as server? that is my closest server. This is a result from a different site.
  5. Seems strange that testmy servers cant handle my (75/35) in reality it's 84/35-39 mbps because of download fluff most I got was 61 mbps and even with big files its really random while pretty much on every download file I hit 11.00 MB/s download any ideas why your DC servers cant handle those speeds?
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