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  1. US Army (RA if you know what that means) 65-68, VietNam 66-67 with First Cav Division. If I thought it was any of your damn business I'd forward my VA papers. Be careful of who you tread on, I take my service to our country very seriously. Thought I made that very apparent with the (which I am) quote. If you would like to continue this discussion feel free to email me but please include your military history so I won't be wasting my time with a wanna be Rambo. Have a nice day sir.
  2. New guy here that just spent the better part of the afternoon perusing your forums, especially the WB section. Having been stuck with WB for a long time now due to no possible success with a 12 to 14k limit on dial up it has become painfully obvious that I could have or should have written nearly all the posts concerning this sat provider. My initial WB setup was purchased from a local, 60 miles downriver, dealer who was also a personal friend which made some of the following bs somewhat more bearable: Starting with the basic 512 package, in the first year I went through four Trias, two
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