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  1. Not real sure but now in a game it says it is high and I can't join most servers because of it and when I can join a server the ping is so high in game that it is completely unplayable now. I guess it could be the game because I just put in a patch for it but no one else is really having the same problem though so I thought it had to be some thing else. Over the last week the connection has been real screwy and inconsistant but it seems to be fixed now. Maybe I'll try another game to see if there is a problem in an other game.
  2. Well what would cause it to suddenly go up? Because it was much lower and hadn't had any problems until this past week. EDIT: What is considered a high ping any way? I tried a check utility I found on here some where and the autocheck thing shows about a 85 ping.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any way to get my ping to go lower?
  4. I have tested my speed several times and it seems ok and good and where it is supposed to be. But then if I check my ping or try to play a game on-line my ping is sky high. Is this even possible to have a fast connection that is working ok and still have sky high ping? I need some help either way.
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