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  1. EBrown - Thank you for your insightful information. I'm sort of a geek that thrives on knowledge about all things computers. I appreciate your post.
  2. Hi Guys I thought I'd post a solution to a problem I had recently - it might help someone else. Last year I was getting 30+ Mbps down with Comcast using their "Boost" option (costs a bit more than regular). Then this year, it dropped to 10Mbps. Of course I complained to Comcast, ran all types of scans, checked my PC with HighjackThis, etc. Nothing. I have a Dell XPS with a mother board capable of handling 24GB of RAM. I had 15GB in it but then took out a 1GB stick to put in a 4GB stick giving me 18GB of RAM. I also have a bootable second hard drive "F" with Win 7 Ultimate but my primary "
  3. Hello folks. What is very strange is my download speed dropped about a third in the last week or two from where it has been of recent - still a great speed so I'm not complaining. The intellectual side of me is curious as to what might have caused it.There is no hardware change. The drop was uniform across 3 different computers. Should I just chalk it up to a Comcast hiccup? Thanks for any ideas. Bill
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