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  1. I have been with Wildblue for 3 years. I have gone to the BBB and Ohio Attorney General with complaints recently. Wildblue responded to my complaint. Here is their response and my reply. Customers with Wildblue are being stolen from each day. We need to document this and each file a claim with the BBB and your state's AG. They may not guarantee speed but false advertising is still a violation of the law. I believe there is a possibility of organizing a class action lawsuit as they have really dug their hole pretty deep this time. See what follows for an idea of their attitude and what yours should be: Wildblue legal dept: "Thank you for bringing Mr. Donia's complaint to our attention. Upon investigation into the account, the customer is in a suspended beam. We apologize for the problems that Mr. Donia has had with speeds of the service during peak usage times. We are aware of technical problems in the spot beam serving Mr. Donia's area, and are working to improve service in that area. We have closed this area to new sales and are implementing measures to address issues customers may be experiencing. We emphasize that WildBlue engages in a continual process of adapting the management of our network to meet the expanding broadband usage by our customers, including exponential use of streaming video and other data intensive activities. As noted, we have closed Mr. Donia's beam to new customers, but if the current customers on that beam continue to increase bandwidth usage month over month, it may take longer than anticipated to resolve all issues. In light of this, we are willing to release Mr. Donia from his contract (due to expire in March 2011), waive all early termination fees, and refund amounts paid by Mr. Donia over the last 60 days. We note that this refund is in addition to the $550 in account credits and free service calls provided to Mr. Donia during his tenure with WildBlue. Thank you for the opportunity to respond." My response: "This response does not satisfy WildBlue’s obligation to address my complaint, nor does it help the customers on Beam 125, and all the other overcrowded beams on the WildBlue network. How many Beams does WildBlue have at this time and how many are oversubscribed with new sales suspended? I want answers to these questions and the other questions asked in this response. First, the speed issue is not just during peak usage times, it is a constant problem which no doubt effects all subscribers on Beam 125. Second, each customer has bandwidth speed and usage limitations imposed by WildBlue in their agreement with WildBlue, whether under contract or not. If WildBlue’s business plan does not do the math and make projections to anticipate when a beam will be at full capacity, they are guilty of neglecting their obligation to meet advertised and promised bandwidth speeds and usage for each existing customer on a given Beam. Few is any customers on Beam 125 are successfully streaming video as it is not possible with the limited bandwidth speeds we currently share on Beam 125. To blame customers for WildBlue’s malfeasance, compounds the insult to my intelligence and anyone else with the technical background to understand how WildBlue is ripping off current subscribers. A Google search of the Internet for “WildBlue overcrowded beam” easily demonstrates this customer abuse has been going on since their inception. I have spent in excess of $2500 on WildBlue over 3 plus years. The claimed $550 in account credits were only given to me after I proved to WildBlue technical support staff that they were at fault and owed it to me. WildBlue has my credit card and they take from me what ever they feel entitled too. WildBlue’s remedy for me is not a remedy at all. There is no contract between WildBlue and me. The renewal of our agreement was contingent upon WildBlue resolving the technical issues related to my account. On 3-23-10 @ 9:20 AM Cameron in WildBlue’s Customer Retention Dept. at: 888 278 6858, agreed to waive the $119 service call fee if it could be demonstrated that this was not a customer equipment problem but a problem with WildBlue’s service. I agreed that IF, the problem with my service was fixed with the replacement of my equipment or improvement of my local installation, I would pay the $119 and agree to a one year contract extension. On 3-25-10 @ 9:30 AM On site WildBlue certified installer John Larrison arrived, tested the equipment and checked the installation quality. He was able to document to his satisfaction and mine that the installation was nearly perfect and the equipment at my location was in good working order. He indicated to me that he has been on many local service calls of late. The problem he has found in each case is related to the overcrowded Beam and is not due to faulty installations &/or faulty equipment. WildBlue customer service habitually blames faulty installs and/or homeowner equipment; most customers lack the technical ability to refute those faulty conclusions. Many of these customers are being suckered into spending $95 or $119 for an unneeded service call which fixes nothing. This actually means WildBlue is benefiting and making money on service calls for a problem they themselves created - more stealing. In conclusion, this response from WildBlue’s legal department is not good enough. How long have sales in my area been suspended? Has it been longer then 60 days? All customers on Beam 125 have had their contracts with WildBlue abrogated because of WildBlue’s failure to meet contractual obligations. For their legal department to say in summary: “We have a problem and cannot provide service as agreed but it is the customers fault for using our service.” Is double-talk and allows WildBlue to continue the practice of over subscribing their Beams which is tantamount to stealing from their existing customers. I want WildBlue to take responsibility for what has happened to those of us stuck on Beam 125. The solution is straight forward. WildBlue oversold Beam 125, whether accidentally or on purpose. Contact customers on Beam 125; disclose to them why service is not up to contracted specifications. Offer to cover the cost of migrating enough subscribers away from Beam 125 so that those who remain get the service they are paying for." I need help from a lot of squeaky wheels!
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