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  1. Three-year Wildblue customer here, living in rural Oregon. Every night (starting about 6:30 or 7PM, PST) my speed drops like a rock. I can't tell when it returns to "normal" because I just get pissed-off, turn off the computer and go to bed. For example, right now it's just after 9PM and (per the testmy.net test) my download speed is 117kbps (.12Mbps) and my upload speed is 92kbps (.1Mbps). I've had faster dialup back in the day. Calling Wildblue customer service ended about a year ago, when I was often assured that "everything seems normal on the system" and then they implied the problem must be with my computer. WTF? So now I just put up with it and try to get all my internet stuff done before dinner, when the speeds are relatively high and the frustration level is low Sure will be glad when the phone company strings some DSL out my way. Thanks for letting me vent!
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