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    My dog pack (minor), Aion, FFXI, Netflix, platform RPGs, and really good action sci-fi movies.
  1. Hi guys Thanks for the welcome and no problem^^ I still could use some help but I did manage to get my connection up to about 1/2 capacity. I'll be forum surfing here, especially on laggy days in my games... Cheers, Chik
  2. Hi, I'm new. I'm a female gamer geek that knows just enough about my computer to follow instructions (I figured out how to chain port forward one night recently), occasionally break things in an epic fashion (which is why I now have an external HD for backups), and often fix them with enough research (hoping to fix this one too!). Oh, to have had these skills 20 years ago... Oh wait, I didn't need them back then. I found this site while desperately web surfing for new ideas to fix my dial-up speed on a DSL connection problem. GRRRRR! This looks like a good site and I'm looking
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