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  1. i am havin g problems accessing the canopy after i called the tech support about my connection issue.. what should i do?
  2. Hi there, i've been off for the past few days.
  3. I'm still using Vista, and the connection is quite good... i changed DNS setting, it makes my connection go WILD... my connection is getting good speed in downloading , browsing, Etc.,. i do frequent computer checking, defrag, Registry fix and Scan for viruses...
  4. Good for you my friend, i've been struggling in getting a good connection in my area other than wireless.. it's really a pain in the ass(DisconnectionS)working with wireless, i hope i could DSL sooooon, and i'll be a happy man as you are!
  5. does anyone know where i can download movies free? Very Much appreciated!
  6. i'm in a remote area where ADSL or CAble is not available... It's Wireless.
  7. woooow.!!! Nice result you got there my friend. i want my connection to be as fast as yours!!! i hope so!
  8. http//www.testmy.net/ipb/topic/12587-read-before-posting-forum-rules/ → speedtest.net result varies to which server you are testing your speed - that's what i have noticed.
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