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  1. Although my connection is not interrupted, I have recently noticed too many time-outs of popular websites to be a happy surfer. At times I cannot connect to Google for up to 10 minutes and get constant time-out messages (but it is not only Google, which is affected) while a speedtest performed at the same time shows good numbers. What is going on here? Since this time out thing can suddenly hit many sites out of the blue, while other sites open instantly at the very same time, I am at a loss here. What is going on?
  2. Well, that was a quick solution. After deleting the bridge I got my internet connection back on the wireles pc. Now the reason for all of that of course to be able to run a wireless home network and not only have two computers sharing one cable modem. But the problem started when I ran (as WIN XP commanded) the network wizard on the second pc. Any idea how to proceed now to be able to install my home network finally?
  3. First let me all thank you for your kind support. I did as I was told. When I type in ipconfig a bunch of cryptic lines and numbers comes up, and I see an ip address and a gateway address. Just to make sure I also typed in ipconfig/renew. Here I get an error message: while trying to update network bridge a time out error occured. No connection to the DHCP server is possible. Any idea what would be the next step?
  4. How do I Remove/reinstall network adapter & TCP/IP? Maybe it will also cure my problem. I have a thread running above, because after I ran the home network wizard from WInXP I cannot connect to the internet anymore with one of my machines, which is wirelessly connected to the Belkin router. (the computer hardwired to the router is fine) The Belkin router is still seen by this computer, the wireless network adapter is working also, but still suddenly no more connection to the web. So maybe Remove/reinstall network adapter & TCP/IP will help?
  5. Yes, this is my set up and was working fine (both computers were connected to the internet) until I ran the Win XP home network wizard on both machines. So computer B (the one connected wirelessly to the Belkin router) lost its web connection, although the Belkin status software on that machine finds the Belkin router and confirms excellent signal strength
  6. I am the guy who had troubles accessing his second computer through a wirelsess network in another thread. Well, one of the posters was right, I did not even have a home network installed. All I had was two computers with access to the internet through a wireless router and network adapter. So one poster suggested that I start with running the home network wizard. Well, I did this and eveyrthing seemed to be ok, the wizards on both computers finished without any problems. But suddenly the computer connecting to the network adapter cannot connect to the internet anymore. The "main" computer h
  7. I admit I take a little pride in succeeding having having built my first wireless network. I must admit though that the great products of Belkin (a Belkin pre-n router and pre- n network card) played an important role in achieving my goal without any problems whatsoever. I got it up an running within 10 minutes. My pride is diminished though by the fact that I have to admit that I have no clue how to access my second computer via my network to download some files. Can someone educate me here a little bit? All I need is to access my second computer's hard drive an copy some files to my "mai
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