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  1. I am scheduled to have Verizon install 15/2 Fios service at the beginning of May. I have already installed a 2ft by 4 ft piece of plywood on my basement wall on the opposite side from where my existing Verizon phone service comes in. I would like to prelay some cable from the plywood up to the second floor of my house where my computers are. I have a 100ft package of cable I bought at Home Depot. It is cat 5e from general cable(says Gigabit speed rated) , 4 pair, 24 gauge indoor/outdoor rated. This cable has no connectors on it, I assume Verizon will crimp connectors to this cable for me. Any comments on this cable or if possibly I should run cat6 instead? I have not run the cable yet and it is easier for me to run the cable with no connectors on it. I noticed from some reasearch on Fios installs that the cable Verizon provides
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