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  1. Hello everybody. I am cst1992 and I'm from India. I live in Nagpur and have BSNL as my ISP. I have an advertised broadband download speed of 4 Mbps(never ever crossed 2) and upload speed is not mentioned(highest ever achieved was 560 kbps; avg ~30 kbps). As you can see, I'm WAY dissatisfied with my isp and with good reason(those who know BSNL will get it) but I have no other choices. That's it for my connection. As for my personal profile: I'm pursuing a course in Engineering and I like to help people when they are in trouble. I got very positive vibes here and hope that I'll continue to have this experience. Thank you all very much. cst1992
  2. hello, I signed up here by using facebook, but as discussed above, I also dont want my real name to bounce around the net either, so I'd be happy if you could have a separate username for me; cst1992 is preferable. Also after that please delete this post.
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