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  1. Thanks for your replies,

    My DW4020 is currently acting as a DHCP. My computer is plugged directly through a RJ45.

    So, if I install a router in the middle, I'll be able to set my router as DHCP server and also set the port fowarding ?

    What changes do I need to do on my DW4020 ?


  2. Hi all,

    I'm new to Direcway, got everything installed a week ago, and so far so good.

    The only problem is for upload, but I knew before I signed up for Direcway.

    As a webmaster, I work a lot with Dreamweaver, and use their built-in FTP to upload my files on my server. I just wanted to know if anybody else uses Dreamweaver to upload the files, and if there are any ways to make it faster to upload. I already removed the Notes Design feature, but still I have a lot of "waiting for server" issues. Any suggestions ?



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