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  1. flash drives are the best thing since sliced bread. they come in all sizes from 32meg up to 2gig. about booting up; technically u could use one to boot nup ure system bu seein it operates from the usb socket you'd need windows to do it. i use one all the time and havent broken it yet. of course they're easily damaged - then so is a mobile fone if you drop it!! some guys use the usb drive from their mp3 player to do the same job if they have one. u dont need a driver if u use win xp - if u have win 95(duh!) or 98 or ME u do.
  2. Hi Van yeah got all that. Know about cablenut cos i use it too. thanks for the input fella. keep in touch. kano
  3. HI Sheng Sorry bout ure dsl. It's nothin to do with xp or sp2 or anythin like that. First, check that u havent got spyware or trojans runnin in the background - these affect speed when accessing the net. Have you enough memory and did you overclock your bios settings lately? These can all mess your pc and dsl speeds up. Check with your phone or cable line that you have no line noise. They can adjust your settings their end to boost your connection speed. Equipment and lengths of cabling and wiring in your home can reduce quality and dsl speed as well as packet loss and distance from the exchange you are using (I live in Ireland by the way and we use adsl broadband now. I have a very good connection and download speed here. Tweaked it a bit too) After all that try using cablenut to tweak your registry settings but make sure you back up your registry first. Here's a useful info site i found: www.dslmechanic.com/
  4. wing zero i'm playin since i was 11 (36 years ago). started off learnin chords on an old acoustic, and now play in a 2 piece. all depends on what u wannna do. just go for it and enjoy yourself!! I grew up on jimi hendrix and deep purple but i think u should stick to playin easy listenin stuff. not up to scratch with some of your idols but joe satriani is good for practice. the acoustic is okay but it might be too high - the action i mean. reply if u need any more info about guitar stuff.
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