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  1. I have been plagued with variable download speeds lately. I keep thinking that it might be my hardware or software, but an hour later it is fine. Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? speeds vary from 71 to 723 in a period of hours. My signal strength has also dipped below 30 briefly while this is happening. Last night it was at 71 - I figured that maybe I have an alignment problem, but then this am, it is back up to 600s. Is it me or the Direcway system (satellite side). Is there any way to confirm where the issue is - me or them? thanks
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    HELP, please.... I have a DW6000, that for the most part works 'ok'. I need to reboot the modem every week or so (normal?), and for normal surffing etc it is much faster than my old dial-up method at 33.6 max. HOWEVER.... I sign onto a webcast of a lecture once a month, and it likes to hang. There are 3 lectures. One at 4:30 Sat PM, one at 7:30 Sat PM, and One at 8:30 Sun Am. I have noticed that the Sat connections are much more prone to stals & drops than the Sun one is, and that the Sat Evening (7pm) one drops more than the Sat afternoon(4pm) one. Is this my connection spe
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