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  1. Back again...living in Northern Alberta (about 20 miles South of Grande Prairie). Acreage is surrounded by trees , heavily forested area. Rocket USB hub caped at 5G then $50/G beyond that. Went with Rocket Hub. 10G cap then $10/G beyond that. So far , after about a week and a half (10 days) I've used 1.3G and that's with some utility downloads (Avast etc.). Unless I start using Netflix ,doubt I'll ever get over the 10G cap. Quit pleased. speed tests very rarely get below 1Mbps. My old ISP rarely got above that. Perfectly adequate for my needs. Signal strength wavers between Low (2 bars) and Med(3 bars) with only the internal antenna. Might spring for and external antenna ($100). Still can;t figure out why I can get this performance with a simple indoor antenna but it sure beats the hell out of a $4,000 70' tower!
  2. I'm wondering.. Have current WiFI on 900 Mhz band because of the trees surrounding us.Started at 1 MB/s DL and over the years has dropped off to where it's virtually useless now (not much better than dial up). ISP wants me to put up a 70' $4,000+ tower so I can access their 3 Ghz signal. Trying a Rogers USB stick and find I am getting their 3.5 Ghz signal with download speeds of 180 - 280 MB/s. Question is..why can I get Rogers 3.5 Ghz with a simple USB stick while my ISP needs a 70' tower to accomplish the same thing. Wondering. Txs
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