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  1. It's because of the different wireless adapters. The iPad 4th generation has less bands while the iPhone 6 has more. This allows the iPhone to take advantage of more bands resulting in faster data speeds. Only a certain amount of the extra speed is because of the processing speed boost between the two. The iPhone 6 and iPad 4th generation are pretty close in speed anyways. It's the wireless card, or adapter, causing the speed difference. Hope this helped. I may be a little wrong, but I'm almost positive I'm right.
  2. I have an iPhone 5 with Tmobile. My LTE used to be around 10mbs Down with one or two bars of LTE... Now all of a sudden it's only 1.3mbs down? Any other Tmobile customers having this problem?
  3. I have an iPhone 5 with Tmobile. My LTE used to be around 10mbs Down with one or two bars of LTE... Now all of a sudden it's only 1.3mbs down? Any other Tmobile customers having this problem?
  4. I hope I get even higher with more Test's bringing up my Average! WOW, that's more than 2x my speed :/ Is that your home internet or one that you access online? (I don't know what it's called.)
  5. So, my Mom's a Teacher and they got a new school, and New Internet. It's like the FASTEST internet I've seen In person. (It's fast because only a couple of techers are on the Internet since the school year hasn't started yet) Do you have faster ones? Post them, i'm interested to see! Christian || http://Doolgo.com
  6. Did you know you can make your internet seem faster? All you have to do is Change your Internet Prefrences in your 'DSN' Tab! All you have to change it to is ' ' and / or ' ' (No Quotes) A DSN is a Domain Name System. The Ones I gave you are Googles, the way this will make your internet seem quicker is because these are Googles DSN's, Google has a lot of websites cached, and makes your internet seem quicker by giving you the content through theie quick servers. You're welcome. Keep not this will not in any way affect your TMN Test Score(s) Christian || http://Doolgo.com Pictures Below are For Mac, they may differ for a Windows Powered Computer.
  7. I came to the TMN home page, and was wondering... why is the 'Multi' so large? It doesn't fit with the content to the Left or the Right. Christian || Doolgo.com
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a nice, Cheap Mac Mini, or MacBook, or really any kind of Mac. My price range is $0-$600 USD. -Thanks in Advance Christian From Doolgo.com
  9. Did you know that Today is Free Slushy Day?! I believe only at Target though. So go grab your Slushy before the Day is Over!!! -Christian From Doolgo.com
  10. Lmao Yeah Im going to get a Mac Mini, by the time I have enough they'll have the new one out lol Or my luck I'll buy it and two days later Apple with have a new one 2 days later .-. lol Im going to buy a older one anyways, its cheaper Im going to upgrade it's guts though
  11. Lol, I like the clean interface, in my opinion, its 10x better than Windows. There isn't much develpment for their new Windows8. I know about Hackintosh, but I want it from apple. The way they intended the user ot user THIER computers. Also their tech support is good because there isn't many models like on Windows, Hp, Dell, Asus, etc. Support is worse on Windows machines, to me. Plus I like iMovie lol
  12. I want it to be on OSX Mountain Lion, Apples OS.
  13. I did a Download+Upload and it is different than my Download? This was on my iPhone by the way. ..::Download+Upload::.. DL-2.1 UL-1 ..::Just Download::.. DL:6.4 They were both done on the same server, same place, and a couple of seconds apart. This isn't the first time this has happened. Thanks in Advance!
  14. I was just wondering, I have a Macbook 2007. It has a Intel Core Duo processor, which is 32-bit. I was wondering, would it be cheap let-alone possible to swap it with a Intel Core Duo 2 processor so it's 64-bit? The reason I want to do so is because I cant update the software on the Macbook, because its a 32, and I can't use parallels. If it's possible would it be cheap or should I fix up the broken display and battery on my 2007 Macbook and sell it and save up to get a Old Mac Mini or Macbook air? Thanks in advance!
  15. I know why Testmy.net is 10x better. Ookla Sucks, TMN doesn't It's just plain simple
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