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    can't do much anymore for I am a disabled veteran, But; I like to cook, watch cooking shows on TV, Love to watch Anything to do with "Nascar" Use to be professional photographer but don't get around much to do any shooting, Anyways, All my equiptment is Canon 35mm film cameras & just can't afford to swith to Digital, Just Way Too Expensive & N.Y. wants to give me $200.00 which cost ME $3,000.00, so that's a laugh(but I'm not laughing!) I thought I could just trade in my system for a prosumer digital camera, But for what they want to give me, I'll take my equiptment to the grave with me. SORRY about that. I just got rid of my desktop for an Asus G60JX which I'm using as a desktop replacement & so far, I Really love it! It has one of those "core 5" processors. I want to keep downsizing by selling my Epson stylus Photo R800 printer & an Epson perfection 4990 Photo scanner(which I Love, but moving to a smaller apartment) for a wireless all in one machine.

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  1. Hi Y'all, I just joined today after running the speed test, which wasn't as fast as I thought it would be? I'm not a newbie, But I'm no IT either; so please bear with me. My question is: After running my speed test, I went to the provider drop down menu to try to find my ISP. You see, I was automatically put into Bellsouth.net as an isp for my email address ends with that isp, But AT&T took over bellsouth down here in Florida & they told me to just stay with bellsouth for my email addresses. Why isn't AT&T in the provider list? Thanks IraC
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