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  1. that's not high-speed, but it's faster than an analog modem
  2. thinking about getting FIOS from verizon? under NO circumstances whatsoever should you "opt" for a moca (coax) install if you use more than the interweb. And do not wire ethernet yourself. fios "support" drones are quick to blame the user. optional step zero: [temporarily] sabotage existing coax cables step one: order "dry loop" (internet only) as "ethernet from ONT" step two: AFTER "ethernet from ONT" is functional THEN change your setup from internet-only to internet+TV *if* you also want fios tv note: fios phone is price gouging at best (think 1970s "feature" set) step three: want voip? consider ViaTalk, VoicePulse (one tenth the features of viatalk), future nine (waaay less glamorous), or roll your own asterisk step four: throw away (or shelve) the internets box fios provides as it seems designed to RAPE voip, and is otherwise not awesome. enjoy the speed and reliability! [and fluff] If you are a masochist or believe the interweb is the internets, and you happen to have inflicted a moca install on yourself, know that you CAN switch to "ethernet from the ONT" but that you will need to have more of those "wonderful" boxes from verizon everywhere you need to brige from moca to ethernet -- conversely from a pure ethernet environment you need one "wonderful" box to bridge from ethernet to moca for each tv. DSLreports while cute does not bother to address this obvious topic. very very important: decide NOW on the speed package you want [tier1, tier2, tier3, tier4]... as changing your speed provisioning later will require manual changes to your ONT. Expect crazy bad latency on saturation AFTER change.. whereas first provisioning yield excellent latency on saturation.
  3. "live" average landing me on leaderboard IMPORTANT: I have provisioned SYMMETRIC speeds
  4. I be new. and MoCA (coax) installs of fios are painful.. more on that soonest
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