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  1. I have not used Adobe for many years. Too bloated for what I need. Although I have used Foxit in the past, I currently use Sumatra PDF. It is very good.... Alternative link: http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/download-free-pdf-viewer.html
  2. Rather "good" result for my area.... .......
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    Thank you all for the welcome...
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    Hi everybody.. I live in the UK. During the past week I have had a lot of problems with my ISP (British Telecom). They suddenly decided (without any reason) to throttle back my bandwidth (by restricting my upload speed to 6kbps... ) The problem has now been resolved and I am back to my normal bandwidth. Your great site was recommended by one of your existing members (hewee), whom I "know" from another forum.
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