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  1. I agree this is really cool. Interesting to see my speeds outperforming the Dow Jones over the years. Right now my pet project is figuring out what router to get when my Apple Airport Extreme starts approaching obsolescence, since Apple has exited the wireless market. I understand there are some really exotic new products from mainstream manufacturers but am overwhelmed with reviews and data at the moment, and hope the classic Apple simplicity and reliability is part of other router manufacturers' culture and tech. Best regards, CA3LE. We haven't conversed in a while but I'm so grateful you have stayed at this.
  2. I was just reading an article in lifehacker about improving security by using (Cloudflare) and (Google) DNS Servers, and removing any other server listed. The article also says this probably will have the side effect of making connections slightly faster? Does anybody agree or disagree with this? My network preferences also have ipv4 and 6 addresses for TCP/IP that are different from the Cloudflare and Google server addresses, but the article didn't say to change them.
  3. I am wondering why Netflix's "FAST" speed test web tool would report such inflated results. I am paying for a coax cable level targeting 105 or more Mbps download. Actual results on testmy.net have, over time, run anywhere from 100 to 125 Mbps, give or take. Testmy.net has typically returned the lowest speed reports (in which I have the most faith) of various popular test sites like speedtest, ookla, etc., all of which tended to return results in the 150 Mbps neighborhood. (All this being download of course.). I can understand why some of these test sites, which are controlled by ISP's, would inflate reported results. However, when I try Netflix's FAST test, I get unbelievably (literally) high reported results -- wild figures like 300 Mbps or more. Anybody got an opinion on why Netflix would operate such a positively exaggerated test? They certainly have no love loss for the ISP's after the edge provider/net neutrality battle?
  4. About 32 Mbps download consistently About 5 Mbps upload consistently This is with a LAN cable running directly into an Apple Airport Extreme which is connected to a Docsis 3.0 modem connected to Comcast. Using wireless connectivity with the Apple Airport Extreme produces more variable speeds depending on proximity. I pay about $55/month for what Comcast calls the "Ultra" level which "guarantees" 20Mbps and claims with SpeedBoost it hits up to 30. In this instance, they actually do fulfill these claims pretty consistently. This was not my experience before I upgraded to the Ultra.
  5. Thanks for these great tips. I've determined it's purely a radio range/interference matter. Right next to the router, the download consistently clocks 30-32 Mbps, upload consistently 5 Mbps, which satisfies the service level commitment. Connected by LAN cable, exactly the same. Moved into another room, download drops to the variables that prompted my inquiry. I am assuming that with respect to radio range, there are no Airport Extreme settings that would improve factory default setting performance -- right? It's a dual 2.4 - 5 GHz band box, and is set to work that way. That is, the 5 GHz is not isolated as its own network. Also using default auto-selected channels, medium multicast rate, 100% transmit rate, wide channels enabled. Any setting change suggestions welcome. Also, isn't there a way to extend the range by linking a second router in the other room? There are settings in the Airport Extreme setup menus that appear intended to do this, but (unusual for Apple) these are very confusing. Any dumbed-down explanation of how to do this, much appreciated. This is a great speed test resource and a great forum. Many thanks to you wise participants. By the way, this speed thing is not just an obsession with me. I work constantly with web access to my corporate Exchange system ("webmail"), and sometimes with Citrix access to my whole system, and fast upload and download speeds really make a difference.
  6. I'm a new testmy member. I favor this site/test for periodic verification I'm getting the speeds my ISP, Comcast, promises for my premium cost service agreement. I should regularly get 20+ Mbps download and 8+ upload. Periodically the performance deteriorates to single-digit numbers on the download and 50% or less of the promised upload. I have a fairly new Apple Airport Extreme dual-band router and a new top-of-line DOCSIS 3 cable modem. I've been advised to periodically re-start all 3 connected systems - cable modem, router, and Mac, but advice varies as to the order in which to do this. Also I've gotten conflicting advice on various Airport Extreme settings relative to the factory defaults. I would really appreciate some basic advice on how to optimize speed and keep it optimized in my environment.
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