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  1. If my download speeds are fine, what might cause slowed web page loads across the whole network?
  2. Pretty sure it's not just my computer because I've tested on many devices. But I have not yet tested at the box. If the rain will ever stop, I'll give that a shot. It has crossed my mind though. The wiring in this house seems to be pretty poor.
  3. Yet another post. So you can sort of see what I see. http://www.youtube.c...bed/CZGUTzuEtz4
  4. Been tinkering. Speeds are decent at around 650 KB/s. But I still have the initial hang. Modem Reports 800 KB/s+ connection. But even connected directly, I'm not actually seeing that speed. Pulled it out of bridge mode for a sec to look at some stats. Pingtest.net shows good latency is fine, around 30 ms, no packet loss, jitter at 1 ms. Used to always be 0 jitter. Not sure what's changed in the past months. But I'm not sure if 1 ms is cause for alarm. Played with various MTU settings from 1400-1500. Only ever got a 0.2 mbps difference. Left it at 1492. Hoping my airport extreme base station utilizes pmtud. Same experience at the start of any download regardless of the mtu though. Ramps up or does a few triangle waves before stabilizing.
  5. Nevermind the last post. Apparently the double speed is something I'm not familiar with that happens when the computer handles the pppoe connection.
  6. More testing. Weird results. So, I hooked up directly from my Macbook into my modem again. Double checked MTU was still set to 1492 for ethernet. But kept my modem in bridge mode and logged in pppoe from my macbook. The following info is from the exact same test. Have tested multiple times with the same results. So testmy.net says I'm getting 625 KB/s while my down stream throughput shows 1250 KB/s. It's exactly half. Why?
  7. Ooh. Response from the big man himself. Maybe there's hope of actually getting this resolved. Feels a little bit like talking to...maybe not quite god... let's go with gandalf. And I never really left testmy.net. Been visiting at least weekly to test ever since I signed up. Just neglected to sign in. >.< Anywho, thank you for all the suggestions and reading material. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of that I wasn't already familiar with or hadn't previously poured through. So let me shine a little more light on the issue. First off, I'm a mac user. (*le gasp!*) While a windows machine is accessible if necessary, I can say this problem affects all machines on my network regardless of OS. Even Linux which does tend to pull down faster downloads (~80KB/s +) sees this issue. Now for the details. This has been an issue for about two years. I am on AT&T's 6 mbps plan. Most days the modem claims it's a little faster. Best days I can see speeds hovering around 810 KB/s. These were not so rare for a short period. However, as of late my network condition seems to have declined for whatever reason and this problem has gotten worse. I've tried various setups. Nothing really makes a difference. Currently I have my motorola 2210 modem set to bridge mode, with an apple airport extreme handling the pppoe. But, even with ethernet cable plugged straight from my computer into the modem and the modem handling pppoe, this issue has presented itself. It's not just a TestMy.net issue either. It affects my results on Speedtest.net as well. Testing on my laptop doesn't visualize it so well. But my iPhone does provide an interesting little graph of what's going on. I used to think it was my router since the problem seemed to be, although present on ethernet connection, worse over wifi. But three different routers later and it's still there. And like I said earlier, wired directly to the modem it still happens. Now about that MTU. I'm truly hoping my apple router automatically figures that one out because it certainly does not have an option to change it unless I along with most of the rest of the internet have been oblivious to something. I have changed it on my computer and nothing really changed. Also with previous netgear and linksys routers I have manually set it in both stock and ddwrt firmwares and while it made me feel better, nothing really changed. If I remember correctly, ddwrt actually defaulted max mtu at 1492 for pppoe. I feel like there were other details I wanted to include, but those are lost in a world of other thoughts right now. Let me set aside a small amount of modesty for a moment and say that I tend to have a great deal of skill for diagnosing and finding a solution to an issue even when I may not initially have a complete expertise in relation to the issue. But this has baffled me. I don't understand why every device in my house seems to have to ramp up in the first few seconds of a download to reach that peak speed. All the same devices on other networks will easily perform at the max of that network's download capabilities. The speed is there. It's apparent when the download gets stable. But I don't know what's wrong there at the beginning and lately it's made my web performance absolutely terrible. Page loading is far from snappy.
  8. Each time I do a download speed test here, the progress bar goes through like 3%, hangs, goes a little more, hangs again, and then continues on to 100% at full speed.
  9. If you want to put a little bit more of an " AOL spin " on your browsing, you can try this. http://downloads.channel.aol.com/browser/?
  10. If you have a DW6000, you have nothing to worry about. If you have an older modem and you don't have that program file, then you probably wouldn't be able to get here. So, if you are using DirecWay to access this site right now, you have no problems. Don't worry. That tweak isn't for you though.
  11. This isn't bad for a dw6000. But still slow compared to most of the speeds I've seen here. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1001 Kbps about 1 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 122 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (main) Test Time:: Sun May 22 20:13:24 EDT 2005 Bottom Line:: 18X faster than 56K 1MB download in 8.39 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 21.48 % faster than the average for host (direcpc.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-FZQKSAB28
  12. You could build a huge tower and provide wireless internet from that. But i'm sure that would get pretty costly.
  13. I think torrents usually depend on the upload speed of another person's computer. Someone that has that file you are downloading. So whatever their upload speed is is what your download speed will be for downloading that file. Do not use the LCCU. It will only make things slower.
  14. The problem seems like it was on flash.net's end. They changed something in their servers and the data you had in outlook was just outdated and needed to be updated to fit the new changes. POP3 and SMTP work fine with direcway. You can use many different ISPs with direcway such as Earthlink and AOL. The only way to keep your email address when switching ISPs is to get your email from some place that isn't connected to any other ISP. One example would be gmail from google.com.
  15. A direcway contract only last for 15 months. After that time is up you can switch modems without penalty.
  16. I put a cap on my own speed at 20 KB one time to try to avoid getting FAPed because I wanted to do a large download. But it didn't work. I still got FAPed before the download finished. It was 700 something MB. It ended up taking me two days to get it because of the FAP.
  17. That AUP is a lot better than the direcway FAP though.
  18. Limewire has always worked great for me. Power cycling the modem usually works to get things back on track if that happens though. Just unplug the dw6000 for a few minutes and plug it back in.
  19. If you are using the proxy settings that are supposed to be used with a dw6000, then you will need to add to your exceptions box. Also, the password for getting to the settings page of a linksys router is admin. There is no username so just leave that part blank. That should make everything work fine.
  20. I am sorry. Port number is 87 not 97. so sorry about that. And with DirecWay, you'll get best results with Internet Explorer. I've fixed it in what I typed up there. Sorry about that.
  21. Do NOT use the LCCU file on mydirecway.com. It will slow you down.
  22. Try this if you haven't already. In Internet Explorer, at the top of your browser where it says File Edit View and all that, go to Tools. Then go to internet options. Then choose the connections tab, and down at the bottom of that hit the LAN Settigns button. Uncheck both of the first two boxes. Where it says Proxy Server, check both of the boxes. Now hit the Advanced button. Out beside HTTP type in and for the port number type 87. If you are having problems gettings Secure pages to show up at all, use in the Secure box with port number 8843. In the exceptions box, you should put;DirecWaysupport.com . Now hit ok. Then hit ok again. Now go to the advanced tab. Scroll down till you see something that says HTTP 1.1 Settings. Under that make sure that the box beside where it says Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections is unchecked. Now hit ok and then close your browser. Open it back up and do another speed test.
  23. You can find out by checking your usage on the mydirecway.com website. If you do get FAPed, it's supposed to return to normal within 8 hours.
  24. I've used the same disc for more than one computer before. Though when it ask you for the serial number on the side of the computer, you'll have to enter the number of the computer that the disc came with.
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