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  1. PrecariusCibarius

    Noob asking noob questions.....

    Here are my account details: 2.62 megabytes per second (12 megabits/s) downstream. I see now where I'm getting confused. I just discovered that i've magically been assigned a 250GB monthly download cap too... yay. I wasn't made aware of that either. I guess you can't expect much for your dollar any more.. I remember back in the day when only satellite connections had a monthly cap. Lame.
  2. PrecariusCibarius

    Noob asking noob questions.....

    sure! it's strange though - speedtest.net give me a result twice that of this site.. I got 10.7 from here and ~20 there.
  3. PrecariusCibarius

    Noob asking noob questions.....

    K.. i'm gonna try to get this right.. but I'm newly interested in wtf goes on with my internet connection and I'm having trouble finding answers to questions I don't even know how to ask. I have a 20mb/s connection via comcast. ~2mb/s up. using utorrent, I have never seen my GLOBAL download rate (multiple torrents running at once) exceed 1.5mb/s (say, 2mb/s to be generous).. even when toggling the speed guide and port forwarding. 20mb/s is extremely fast.. but I kinda feel like I would be just as happy using a 5mb/s connection.. as it would appear that I'll never be able to actually utilize much more than that.. what am I missing? Do I need to do more in-depth forwarding and tweaking of my router to get these things to fly?
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