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  1. Thanks again for the responses.I would say most of the sites i vist are outside ireland. Now whether they are in the states or not, i don't know. Yes, i would be on the unknown list. Well according to the magnet website, i'm getting decent download speeds. so i guess everything is okay really. i haven't enough info to fill in the rwin, so i don't know if it would make things any faster. M
  2. Thank you. But how would you know what my hosts average is. Is through other people here, who are also using upc?
  3. Thank you very much, and apologies for all the mistakes. I was in a bit of a hurry at the time. So optimal is the one to use in tcp. yes I did move the slider to 30. my provider is upc. I'm afraid rwin is a bit over my head, as i would have no idea about latency. regarding messages after test results, such as "Are you kidding me? 34% faster than your hosts average!" Is the host the testmy site?
  4. Hi, i am supposed to be on a 30 mb broadband speed from upc. recently according to speedtest.net, i was getting slow speeds, just about 1 mb, and the upload speed was higher, that was around 2. according to a techie, lots of people were having the same problem. She also said that speedtest and the upc speedtest site were both showing slow results, but that magnet was working fine. on magnet which i have just tested again, i got a download result of 28248 kb, which according to your calculator comes out as 28248 Kbps is 3531 kB/s Or 28.25 Mbps ::: 3.45 MB/sec which is very good. at the moment i am downloading a large video file 576 mbs at a speed of 1480 kb/s which according to your calculator (very useful, by the way) is 1480 kB/s is 11840 Kbps Or 11.84 Mbps ::: 1.45 MB/sec does that seem a reasonable speed for a 30 mb actually, i've just remembered something, the only way to get your benefits of your full download speed is to download a number of files at the same time. ie, let's say i am on a 100 mb if i start off downloading one file and it downloads at 40, if i then start downloading another file, it might download at 30 (i'm using even numbers to make it simple), but the 30 isn't taken away from the 40. then if i was to download a third file before the other two were completed, it might download at at 30 to make up the 100. i know it's not as simple as that, but that's basically how downloading case. so if that's the case, and i have just downloaded two more video files from the same website, to prove my point (sorry, i haven't investigated how to post graphics into topics) the question is, is your method of downloading one file realy relevant. regarding tcp optimiser. i was confused first, as i had to tick something in settings to be able to tick apply. it might have already been on current, but apply was greyed out. i tried custom, rebooted. a lot of sites wouldn't work, i tried "windows default" same result in either firefox or opera some egs, gmail, videos not playing in youtube i then noticed network adapter selection, i had 3 options wireless ethernet net the default one was wireless, i tried ethernet, clicked apply, and this time gmail fine in both, but youtube videos only playing in opera. i do use no script in firefox, but allow youtube and ytimng, it does say "movie not loaded" perhaps it's a firefox problem, that just happened to coincide with my testing. so what should i have ticked in choose settings in tcp optimiser? i should also say that i also have a wireless laptop, as well as the wired desktop which i installed optimiser on and even though i had changed network adapter selection to ethernet, and clicked apply, when i rebooted, and opened the program again, it went back to wireless selection. i have recently finished using your test site and got a result of 1.9 Mbps (233 kB/s)i think it was the smartest. i decided to try downloading two 50 mb files at the same time and got Download :: 2.7 Mbps (342 kB/s for one and Download :: 2.6 Mbps (324 kB/s) for the other. so is my real result, what i get if i combine those two files. Do i have it wrong altogether. if i am am downloading 2 files at the same time, should i be getting full speeds or thereabouts on both files eg if i was on 100 speed, and was downloading 2 files at the same time, should i be getting 100 on both? M
  5. top o the mornin and begorrah from earland
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