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  1. After a week now I have a few concerns. Not so much with the DSL although it was down for about 48 hours this week. But voice has been, and continues to be a proble. I caan dial out but not in. Tried to port over from Suddenlink. Anyway, speed looks okay.
  2. Just returned to Centurylink from Suddenlink Cable. I left last year because max available on CL was 6 Mbps. This is a 15 provisionally going to 25 later. However the tech told me when he connected yesterday that each pair tested at 17 so he will try to get me set to 25 next week. Got sick and tired of not being able to watch Netflix on Suddenlink every evening. Morning would be 15+ but but 6 or 7 pm down to less than 5. I know this is early but here's this mornings on CL.
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