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  1. I am sorry my friends, of whom I cherish, yet some very disturbing incidences have occurred over the past 2 hrs that alerted me to the fact that even after inversting nearly 7 full days and nights of WORK, plus a great deal of money, a Moderator named s1 has chosen to smite me over foolish and childish bullshit, the webite owner is standing up for s1 and is taking no regard for my role as moderator (he says the forum belong to the public, so why does it say that I am the DirecWay Moderator)? ...and I have been locked out of my server for 3 days with no replies to my several e-mails requesting that I get into my own damned machine! So, in light of the letters I have received over the past few minutes that place s1 in an esteemed position over myself, I hereby and gracely "bow out" of This Forum and the entire website (please close my account) and hand all my work over to s1 so that he may "bask in the glory of it all." Posted are his asshole letters to me. Guess it doesn't matter what the lad is like as long as I keep the bucks coming in right? WRONG! This deal is over. I have been smitten rather badly and thus I am not only removing myself, but I am taking the Server offline as well (of oourse). S1 will be happy fo purchase another and otherwise run the place I am assuming. May God Help You All. Here are the articles presented via Private Messenger that have caused me to choose to leave ESPECIALLY when I learned that the owner of this website is backing him up 100% yet and providing me with nothing. Actions speak louder than words so I am sure at least a few of you can understand why I am walking out the door. I must say that for the time that it last it was a freaking blast!!!! I pray you all enjoy great internet connections and even though S1 will be taking my place, I strongly recommend that you look to Lance for sound advice as he has been 'under my wing' in a way of sorts and I find myself most impressed with his capacities. Here is the PM that brought me to these decisions and rest assurred I am of the type that burns bridges and never looks back. Hey....it was "real" while it lasted yet nothing lasts forever ...especially when managed in such a piss poor manner. Cheers Everyone. I'll remember you all and shall retain all your email addresses unless you ask to be removed from my datbase, and if the latter be true, your private emails will be removed immediately upon request. Lastly, and sorry to end on such a sour note....I have been bombarded with e-mails "loaded" with infections of varying kinds yet my systems are superior to most anything so no harm was done. I know who did these things and most likely you can guess correctly as well. Seems like the law is still protecting the criminals and the white hats are being sent up the river doesn't it? In other words, I am not going to be affiliated in any way with a webmaster who conducts his affairs in such a way that a Site Moderator can do anything they wish to another Site Moderator, to include the sending of illegal and malicous e-mails, and actually receive 100% support while the innocent party is given no choice but to grin and bear it ...sorry, I can't do that as I have far better things to do with my time than play games with idiots. In closing, they both are receiving exactly what they deserve, and I am leaving with a free conscious knowing I did my very best and assisted well over 1,400 people in just this past week between this forum, e-mails and telephone calls (nowTHATS what I call SUPPORT. I sincerely apologise for leaving in such an untimely manner, yet I am sure that those of you that know me will at least see fit to respect my descisions upon these matter. May God Bless You and Yours in all ways possible forever and ever The Reverend [edit] The convo can be found here http://s1pwnsyou.camaroz.net/testmy/priceless.rtf [/edit]
  2. Darn. My secret is out now. TY VB!!!! TY!!!!! LOL WHAT IS THAT THING????????????????? The Rev
  3. Good! Then that is precisely your best settings. You see, I reprogrammed that utility for use with satelllites, so you have the best numbers for your configuration Sorry so late with a reply. I am just swamped here.!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!! The Rev It should do you good, let me know if you are not getting good speeds after business hours...Right now things will gradually slow down until about 4 then start moving back up. By 8PM full speed is availab.e (plus work is being done on your server so it is kinda "cramped" in there right now, but not toooo bad.
  4. I understand you perfectly now. Yes. Direcway has such low moral throughout they are slowly killing themselves and running their stateside business into the grround. (I am investing in anything and everything that will/can possibly replace it). hehe... I've already got my fingers in their Upstream ...and I am looding at their various links to other companies (like Ground Control, CCDIFX Corp ....who haven't even made the books yet but have big bucks,, etc). I think eventually they will have to either farm out their low-level support to a company that does it for a living - - or just pull out of the USA - - and leave every last customer hanging....which almost happened after that last Class Action Suit remember? geesh! "The Rev" TY for the clarification. I've been up over 48 and MAN it's gettin' tired out!
  5. Um, so what are ya saying? This is their standard "canned" response. Or are you sending me the quote from .s1 (who I am presently trying to deal with)? I have logged over 240 hours on hold or talking with all levels of tech support. Never at any time could any issue be resolved, and there is certainly nothing wrong with my present 'complex' ...I hope! heheh.... Thanx The Rev
  6. Hey!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club. Set your max connections to 42, reboot, make a system restore point and put on a seatbelt. (It make for a snappier browser at most sites)! Congrats! The Rev
  7. Seems a particular transponder (1420) on G3C isn't interested in working for Direcway anymore, so everyone that was having trouble has been repatched (temporarily) through other systems with only a slight degradation in speed.
  8. Welcome to DirecWay E-Support, it is our pleasure to assist you. Hello Reverend, Thank you for using DirecWay E-support. I apologize for the frustation your have and are experiencing. Unfortunately, we at DirecWay E-support have very limited options. We cannot do real time troubleshooting. Only technical support, who you have been working with, though from your statements, not very successfully, can do that. We cannot change any service plans. I don't believe that this is possible, any way. Nor are we able to give you a 100% refund as you suggested. I am sure that the technical support engineers will be able to resolve your speed issues now that you have supplied them with the new algorithms for programming our systems. There are many levels of support and, eventually, this will be resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via Email or by calling DirecWay Billing Support at 1-866-347-3292, option2, option 3 during the Billing Department between the hours of 8:00am to 11:00pm Sunday-Saturday EDT. Again, thank you for using DirecWay E-Support. Again, thank you for choosing DirecWay E-Support, Steven ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isn't that something?
  9. Moving this to the front since so many are looking for it. Not trying to confuse anyone. I'm confused enough for everyone. heheh... The Reverend
  10. When using your Router's Firewall, the "tester" at www.grc.com will give you horrifying false reports. Sorry all, I failed to mention that part when I made the post! No worries Miss YooperLady! Forgiven? (on my knees) "The Reverend"
  11. Yooperlady.. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. You are running a LAN with a Router firewall. It will say everything is open when in fact it isn't. So, no worries! Sorry but I just forget to mention that! DUH!!!! The Reverend
  12. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So was the smite for being a bad birthday boy? Hmmm? (Actually, I have tracked it down and found out who gave them both to me. So very sad yet if they feel they must they can click on it all day! Thanks for the party anyway Miss YooperLady!!! I dearly appreciate it! (humbled as could be). "The Rev"
  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME EVERYONE ....but my birthday isn't until 18Sep I was born on Sept 18, 1956! honest! I dearly appreciate this surprise anway, but what the heck? I don't have my B-day posted do I? Whaaa happened here? (chuckle) "Da Rev"
  14. You will already find exactly how to go about this on one of the pages of my Direcway Forum......the forum moves around so much that I don't dare say what page because it may move in three seconds.. lol... It is titled something like "How To Point Up Your Own Dish" Good Luck and PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Welcome to our little crzy house! You'll love it! The Reverend
  15. Yes, the only time it gets hairy is with singular words. I was a University study that came up with this strange thing, and it was determined that the human mind does not read letters, but rather sentences. So if the first and last letters are preserved the brain overlooks the rest thus making it quite easy to read just as fast as perfect text. Oddly, the higher the IQ, the less the ability to read complex revisions. (Proving I am stupid, of course). The Rev
  16. TurboMozilla was designed to be more adapted to the latency issues with satellite communications (via plugins designed by Hughes), specifically for accessing https (secured) websites waaay back when it was a problem for many.
  17. Resopalrabotnick, Excellent series of posts, all of it dead on the money. Your CB array is acting in the same fashion the Faraday Cage and 'dissapators" at the top of each mast on my ship do....they discharge static accumulation and deter a strike elsewhere....usually to port for some odd reason. She taken plenty of hits, but then again when you are asea with aluminum poles stuck 134feet into the air they are going to get hit no matter what you do! heheh... NICE and TY! The Reverend
  18. Just a drill to stay "frosty" Microwave.....just a drill. heheh....Me hunt'em man with moon on shoulders. (balddude) The Rev
  19. The evidence is forever stored in the archives my friend. Thanks for the good tease! lol.... Yeah...Oliver North the poor scapegoat
  20. Hmm......I hope you have better luck with that puppy than I. I used it with no problems until I hit reg section ...dang thing deleted half of everything in there. So I reloaded froma BU, uninstalled and sent it back for a refund. dunno what happened nor do I care. The Rev BTW: you really should consider using the latest software ....I keep getting reports that it is faster. Worked great for me!
  21. My Average Ping TIme is consistently about 50 less than it is to www.testmy.net
  22. No worries Aubrey, Welcome to the Forum!!!
  23. yes lance, but in the TCP RCV window use the value of 256960 .....(try 513920 first though ....it may SKA-REEM for ya! Lemme know pls? Thanx! The Rev....
  24. Not adding....it's the same package still not installed because I wasn't able to access her last night is all.
  25. I've tried them all Lance. I even have that IE SECURE Browser that was out early last year. It is all "tabbed", but it is also full of hole like the over-rated light-weights in use right now. Let me say that it is far easier for a hacker to get into a browser with FAR less software in the way than it is to access a fully updated SP2 version of IE6, complete with firewalls (not the SP2 firewall but it is better than nothing), AV ....everything. I have left my machine online and "by appearance" wide-open. When using Fox I would be attacked immediately. Using IE6 I might sit in wait for as long as two hours before receiving a Port Scan or the like. So, once again...if you are using DirecWay and want speed and security, use IE6. I am not trying to influence anyone because I believe in freedom for all of course. I just hate to see someone get nailed when it could be avoided. FOX is a FAD. Next year at this time IE will still be here and FOX will have underwent 300 more "addons" that don't exactly work that well when combined. So please do not let the false advertising schemes fool you. And that's all I have to say about that. I've repeated shown and proved that IE is faster by far. Now, with the new numbers being out, there is NO contest. The Reverend
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