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  1. 1) Anyone from Michigan have this service? If so what has been your experience? 2) I'm still fuzzy about this - is Exede part of Wildblue? Or did ViaSat buy both Exede and Wildblue?
  2. Using a directional antenna I was able to slowly but surely find a few different towers. However with Sprint's recent "upgrades" here in MI the tower that netted me the best results no longer accepts connections. While disconnected it'll show great signal but as soon as I try to connect the signal strength and type bounce from EVDO to 1xRTT so SOMETHING changed and as per usual anyone from Sprint is clueless. Most of my recent results are from the closest tower (2 miles away as the bird flies). You can actually get a decent map that shows tower locations here http://network.sprint.com/ Also to reaffirm your assumptions about time of day network load you are absolutely correct. It's like clockwork around 5pm things come to a grinding halt. Keep in mind my Township only has 2200 residents of which maybe 50 are within range of this tower. What I do is continue to call Sprint and complain to obtain monthly credits. IMO the service should be 1mbit MINIMUM anything less is highway robbery @ 59.99 a month! If they give you shit just threaten to file a complaint with the FCC that typically lights a fire under their ass. I would switch to Verizon in a heartbeat if they offered an affordable plan for the amount of data I use. Working from home I average 15 to 25gb a month. If my kids decide to watch YouTube a few hours a month then we're in the 30 to 40gb range.
  3. view my results - which go back several years overall they're substantially below average and all over the board (3G wise) I hate Sprint with a passion but I have no alternative other than Satellite. Keep in mind my setup is out of the ordinary - I have a directional 30db gain antenna and 100% signal @ -58db so signal is not an issue here its the tower, their network, and/or backhaul that are the issues here. https://testmy.net/quickstats/BitterSprintUser Be sure to filter the results to only Sprint since I've recently been beta testing Frontier DSL (with inline repeaters). I can't NOT recommend Sprint enough
  4. I'm glad you to see your interest. I'm no SQL expert by any means but I've been in IT for about 12 years specializing more in hardware and sys/network admin. Here's a dirty way you may be able to pull off the deviation. Take your data - see how many results you have (lets say 1000 for example sake) - figure out what 5% is (50) - now remove the max value from the list X times (50 in this case). As far as standard deviation I'm pretty sure there are statements for that (version dependent) its usually STDDEV (expr) or STDDEV_POP (expr) respectively VAR_POP would give you a standard variance. Best of luck and again thanks for the site - its invaluable. p.s. no need to remind me how terrible Sprint is - they do a fine job doing that LOL
  5. Please excuse me if you're currently exercising any of these practices... While looking at the Sprint index its obviously apparent at one point in time someone with a crazy connection (out of the norm) posted some series numbers. Well that is skewing the results IMO. You should omit the highest and lowest scores then average. To that point it would also be nice to see some sort of normal distribution (bell curve) as well as standard deviation in order to give users a much more in depth / accurate look at their results and comparisons to the index. I sincerely appreciate the effort put forth. This site has been invaluable to me to prove my side of the "he said she said" battle with my ISP to the fact their service is sub par at best. Regards BSU
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