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  1. yes it has been a while ....I'm now in Korea for two years just would like to spend some time with my wife and friends ..i am very glad to be back on testmy.net maybe we can catch up some ? (man things have changed) The testm.net gear .....for the donation ? i know its been a while lol out tstillery HOOAH
  2. yes i have bypass the router and speed jumps between 6-7mps but they do say its peek hours ...they do their sped checks from speediest.net ..i do understand when i check my speed from like say the states speeds will be slower but is it still normal to drop to 1mps or less checking from a sever in Seattle ? ca3le i will check those out TY.......PS still waiting on my testmy.net ....gear lol
  3. well i have the 5th Gen of airport and I'm station in korea and I'm paying of 10mps but only average around 5-6mps i keep complainng about and they keep saying its the router and i keep calling BS ..so was woundering if cable nuts or a similar would work ..or is due to me having to use unblocks to get certain sites from the states? like Netflix/HULU also i did by a different router a net gear 600 and still the same results
  4. Is there any help on trying to make this any faster with a macbook ....does anyone know how to change any setting on a MACBOOK?
  5. Hey guy's I'm here in this loving land of Kuwait for about another week before moving up North ..Tommie you are pretty correct ..most of they are taking pop shots with rockets ..but still have the IEDS to look out for .. well i will try to keep in touch when i get where I'm going (good song lol) HOOAH out tstillery
  6. well today i set with all my bags packed getting ready for bag drop ..hell of away to spend my BD lmao ..you all are good friends i try and keep in touch and post some pics ...everyone take care HOOAH out tstillery
  7. tdawnaz you can be my get out jail free card anytime HOOAH out tstillery
  8. Yes they will have computers ..mail about 2-3 weeks the 8th is when i deploy so i guess thats my BD present from the Army a few trip to IRQA ,.....ROTFLMAO Hmm only 243 post i never move up in the ranks at this rate lol HOOAH out tstillery
  9. Girl scouts what man dosent like them ...oops i mean girl scouts cookies lol HOOAH out tstillery
  10. Hey Thanks for all the kind words !! theysay its just for 12 months this time so it should go by fast ill try and keep in touch i can post the address if anyone wants to send any goodies ... i think i need to get out of combat arms I'm getting to old for this stuff lol everyone be safe ..you all are goods friends HOOAH out tstillery
  11. Always trying to . we lost a brother the other day due to a motorcycle accident my heart and love goes out to him and his family. i will be part of the 21 guns cant begin to tell you all how much i hate it but also the pride i do feel inside haven't been able to ride my bike yet but i will soon. Ive done some work to her and will try to post some picks of her in the hog thread this weekend . just want to you all to know that i appreciate your friendship !!!! HOOAH out tstsillery
  12. Yea i am but getting ready to go to IRAQ in Oct feels like i just got back from there
  13. Hello Everyone HOOAH out tstillery
  14. tstillery

    Gentoo linux

    Thank's guysnice info i dont have a desktop but i did do some reshearch and found Ubuntu so i will try that and see how it works and maybe try gentoo or freesbd later HOOAH out tstillery
  15. tstillery

    Gentoo linux

    is anybody good with this i want to try and install on my laptop w/ vista or try freebsd i have a intel core duo so i dont know which arch to dl Hooah out tstillery
  16. ok great i will give that a try i belived i did do that but maby not everything ill post back if this works or if i need more help
  17. is there a guide on set up a wireless net w/vista i have all 3 laptops up on the net but i cant seem to communicate between the 3 ?
  18. Yes he did ...it just all F-d up and it will never change
  19. Just woundering is anyone had info or has used this program http://www.verdiem.com/default.asp out tstillery
  20. Yes they have patch's of palm trees ...in certain areas
  21. come on join up scdreamin3 it will alot of fun lol :oops: :oops: AWWW Ty tdawnaz HOOAH out tstillery
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