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  1. update - tested again today an much better, 198 down & 85 up, this while I am connected to vpn to a worksite. I wonder if the fact that the fibre is just being introduced to the area and new installs are ongoing has any effect. Curious if there's other Telus Purefibre customers out there and what their speeds are compared to the package they have.
  2. Living semi rural we've had a wireless ISP for a number of years now, starting out with speeds about 8Mb down & 2Mb up and as their technology improved getting up into the high 20's down & low teens up in Mbps. Then this year it was announced Telus purefibre was being installed, and much to my surprise they included the rural subdivision I live in. Of course I jumped on it, with 300Mbps speeds available for around the same price I was paying for wireless. Anyway, it was installed yesterday so first thing I did was some tests. Of course the tech showed me the speedtest on a site like speedtest.net which shows 300+ both up and down via the new "wifi 6" they are touting. I was logged into my work so stayed on my wireless ISP until the day was done then disconnected the wireless, ran a Cat6 cable from their modem/router to my nearest switch, switched my existing dd-wrt router from router to switch and did some testing of my own. What I find odd is testing with my hardwired desktop the upload speeds are terrible, worse than the wireless ISP speeds, sometimes less than 1Mbps, same thing with laptop connected via wifi. Sometimes I would get speeds as high as 20Mbps but usually in the single digits. Download speeds have ranged from 40 to 160 Mbps, which are pretty high but still lower than expected from a physical fibre connection. Of course speedtest.net shows 300+ each way, and speedof.me is showing over 100 each way. I can see Telus throttling back upload perhaps, but to that extent? The fibre is brand new in the entire area, and not all areas are lit up yet, so I don't know if that could be related ie. do they have to fine tune things once they light everyone up etc. I may try an ftp upload of a large file later on & see how that goes.
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