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  1. Hey Thanks for the welcome. Yeah very happy with the fact I am getting what I payed for.Its not the fastest but does well with netflix and xbox live..Have not seen how well it handles giganews yet but will try soon..I have seen some bad reviews for centurylink on the net but to be honest I have had them for a month or so and Zero down time and download speeds are always on the mark for the plan I have.The upload speeds are not the best but the are stable and is enough to game online with no lag on xbox live.The latency is ok nothing super but it is very stable too.All in all very happy wi
  2. Hey TriRan Just an update.I did have to go into this modem I listed in above post and bridge it to work well with Xbox Live.Once I used the ip address u gave me to get into the modem It was real easy to bridge the modem in the setup menu.I played with the settings in the modem but had little results to increase my upload speed Im pretty much stuck on about 400 Kbs up.On the bright side my connection to Xbox live is outstanding now once I got into the modem and briged it.Thanks again and will tell my friends about this site.. Tim
  3. TriRan Thanks that ip got me into my modem.I briged the modem and worked out fine.This didnt help my upload speed but at least I can tweak my modem now as I am going to read somw posts here and try to make some changes to help my upload speed. Thanks again Tim
  4. TriRan Thanks for the info..Will try this Tim
  5. CA3LE I wish I could but I cant get to the set up page for my modem.I have done some research and tried to use to get to the modem setup but only failed to connect.Here is a link to a how to page for this issue http://www.ehow.com/how_2283354_bridge-centurylink-660-dsl-modem.html I have tried several times via web research to get to the modem setup but all failed.I not sure if this is my issue but until I can tinker with the modem I wont know.I am 99.9% sure its not my router and my PC is setup fine too I used tcp optimizer to tweak and check my connection through windows XP
  6. I have a linksys wrt54g and a ZyXEL - EQ-660R-F1 adsl router/modem (from century link).I orderd just the modem and thats what it is just a modem but says router on the bottem also.I have the 10/1 plan with century link.I am getting the download speed right on but the upload speeds are very slow about half or less (360 to 470kbs) upstream.I read some where that the modem I Have has its own NAT like my router and that this causes problems.Any iedas or help with this would be great.I build my own computers and know my way around most OS's but when it comes to networking and such I only have the b
  7. HI new to this site.I have centurylink dsl with 10/1 plan.This is the max I could get from my location.I live in a rural area in Indiana.
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