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  1. Hello all, The only way I know to see a small history of my DL Speed Tests is ... to run a new DL speed test. However, this only shows the new Test result, with a Test History of only the last 5 DL Speed Tests. Is that the limit to a user's Test History, or is there a wayu for me to see every Test Result I've ever run from my IP? THANK YOU for any information!

    I am an ACANAC customer. I chose them for their reasonably-priced Unlimited Cable Internet service (no caps!) However, despite their prompt, friendly, patient, and knowlwdgable Sales Dept. and Tech Support, I have had "issues" with them as a service, from way-slower-than-promised DL speeds, to billing issues that were not resolved to my satisfaction. 'Nuf said for now. I hope with the creation of this Topic, to facilitate the sharing of experiences of other ACANAC customers.
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