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    lessidor got a reaction from CA3LE in Finding Canopy on Windows 7   
    EBrown: Already tried restricting the IP address/subnet to that. Doesn't work.
    CA3LE: Saw that information on other sites too, doesn't work as you said with Windows 7.

    Talked to my provider, he said earlier versions of Windows 7 have something in the coding that prevent access. They don't have a solution. He didn't tell me which later versions work. Although, he mentioned if a person has Windows 7 Professional, then can add another operating system like Vista or XP to access programs that don't work with Windows 7.

    My easiest solution was to borrow my daughter's Blackberry with internet access. Just punch in, wham, right there, everything! Can even set AutoUpdate to 1 sec. Just love it when a tool works well in an unexpected area!

    Probably have to make your network unsecured temporarily though for the Blackberry to access the location.
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