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  1. No - I mean what's going to happen to the hardware? Thrown out? Sold? I'm asking, as I might be interested in buying one for my home here to use as a test platform (if the price is right).
  2. What are you doing with the old servers?
  3. True - I have been on this site for quite a few years now... but I'm positive this was less than a year ago that those existed. I hope he can get them back - or maybe do something better?
  4. No - previous to the crash (I guess), it used to show us a 30 day graph that went day by day and showed what you averaged. It was great when you had a months worth of data in it to take a quick glance and see what days were slower or faster than others.
  5. Thanks - appreciate that. When I go to DATABASE STATS and click member stats and put my name in - I only get the raw data - no graphs like it used to show... here's the URL that I get back from my query: http://www.testmy.net/tools/database/db_search.php?type=user&q=slemay
  6. Sorry they don't support your host anymore... I'm not aware of any other sites that did this service (allowing it to take the tests automatically and then graph them). BUT - the graphs are still missing... and I just checked the Database page and it does clearly state: "This tool allows you to pull 30 day graph, 7 day graph, all tests details and 30 day test details from either ip address, comp_id, username, affiliate id or test id." So I'm still sitting here waiting for one of the ops to pop in and say what's going on...
  7. Hmmm... was unaware of any crash - that's too bad. Well - if it was related... I'm hoping they can bring them back - as that was a REALLY nice feature.
  8. About a year ago - when you searched your results in the database - you used to get the raw data back as well as little green / red graphs that showed you the last 30 days trend for both uploads and downloads. What happened to these graphs and can we get them to come back please? As an improvement - I'd LOVE to see the option where you could change the range of the graphs (say, instead of just monthly, show weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly trends as an option to generate). Thanks, Shawn
  9. YOu guys are lucky - I'm stuck at 245k both download and upload... love the new speeds... NOT.
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