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  1. Thanks to all that responded, Mudmanc4 and TriRan for their insightful advice on how to deal with tech. support, RTB for the answer to the 90% question and of course CA3LE for not only his comments but for running this site. I have always been aware of the fact that Ethernet had overhead but I would have expected that most of the flash speed tests sites, at least those run by ISPs, would have counted that overhead in their total speed value since it is to their advantage to show the highest speed possible. Also RTB’s comments suggesting that value was 10% seemed a little high so I did s
  2. Up until recently I never bothered to check my Internet speed on my ADSL connection but over the past couple of months I noticed that at certain times (early evening mostly) my connection to the Internet seemed sluggish. I will not bore you with all the details but one evening when it was particularly sluggish I checked the speed with a well known test site and found my speed was only about 15% of what it should be. Since then I have been working with the ISP to resolve this but in the process I found testmy.net and now have two questions. 1. Even during the best of times when everyth
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