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  1. First I am happy to see that Surewest FIOS got a topic (seems like my request for one back when I posted my 10Mbit test went through)
  2. The upload test here is too slow here I am lucky if I can get 2000kbs . I have tested on FTP servers (one local and one in Japan), YouSendIt and various other things and it always max out at 10Mbit.for upload. Last week I maxed out my connection on Bittorrent at 1MB/s down/ 1.1MB/s up on Azureus. I attached the pic.
  3. I do get 10MBs on everything even for large downloads and if it is large enough it will accally speed up to 11MBs.. Accually I have a 75GB limit and it bumps the package price up to $156 they also have a 130GB limit which would make it about $200 for the package.. The Cap is annoying because when I was on DSL I was using 300GB per month so this is a challege to keep it under. There reason for their caps is the they say "the average person on our service uses only 4GB" which is BS.
  4. Well I thought I would post about surewest FIOS that just got finished installed at my house here cause it seems like the best place.. I got my 10Mbit/10Mbit FIOS Internet/TV/Phone service installed today. The tech was cool and even wired my whole home network under the house for an extra $20. The speeds are great too (download isn't as nice as verizon but the upload speed is killer) DSL Reports TestMy I got the whole package with TV/Internet/Phone for about $115 per month and $56 for the first 6 months as a promotion. Activation and Install charges were free. I live in Sacramento, California and am looking forward to take advantage of this awsome service. BTW: It is DHCP too.
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