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  1. What is the turbo page? Where do I access it for changes?
  2. Results are still wildly inflated. Hughes results for the morning on download: 2182 and 2177 kbps. Upload results: 125 and 126 kbps. TMN results on upload: one test at 118kbps. Download results: 17, 11.91, 75.89 and 17.02 Mbps. These crazy TMN results are skewing the Direcway averages. The upload reads are always roughly comparable between the two tests. The inflated results on TMN download tests have gotten to be just a curiosity and I still wonder what factor in my setup causes them to occur. The really wacko numbers seem to come when the lag time before the blue speed bar sh
  3. I'm getting download test results from Hughes that average 2.1 to 2.2 Mbps except during slowdowns due to traffic in the evenings. Uploads average about 122 most of the time. TMS test results are over 17 Mbps download and 103 kbps upload. Recent uploads have been averaging about 117 kbps. My Hughes service is the $50 a month package running with an HN9000 modem. My computer talks to the modem over an Intel 2GB network that runs at 100 MB. Following this text is a copy of most of the tweaks I have done to my computer. They were done one or a few at a time. The changes that mad
  4. 32, 12, 18, 16, 17 then 128 mbps download. What color is the sky in your world?
  5. Using ping -f -l [MTU VALUE] WWW.HUGHES.COM I arrived at an MTU of 1472, much lower than the generic 1500 I had been using. The new value did not change download values to any marked degree and may have caused a slight increase in my pathetic upload speed. Browser response is (subjectively) a little "springier". My question for someone techier than I am is, did I do this right? Is the MTU value 1472 correct for Hughes Net?
  6. Last Speed Test of 2011: HN 1.47mbps down and 124kbps up TMN 34.97 mbps down and 113 kbps up I suspect that some of my tweaking has found the Achilles' heel of the TMN speed test.
  7. 9 AM Eastern results from the Central US site: 13.6 Mb down, which is now my average download (on Hughes!) followed by 143.8 Mb. It would be nice if the blue speed bar had sound effects, maybe like an old hotrod Ford flathead. Upload is in its current usual neighborhood of 118 kb. Sound effects for this kind of speed would be as above, but with all the plug wires loose.
  8. Afternoon tests brought another wild-and-crazy download result with 112.3 mbps. The blue bar blurred across the screen. Follow-on test was 16.98 mbps. Uploads were 115 and 111 kbps. Changing TOS disable to enable and setting TOS to 136 seems to have made a small change in upload speed. There seem to be fewer excursions down to lower numbers. I have a 2Gb 82566DC network connection to my HN9000 modem. It runs at 100Mbps. What do other people have?
  9. This morning's results: Hughes 2205 kbps down and 126 kbps up TMN 15.3 mbps down and 118 kbps up. Neither test measures the sit-and-wait of satellite latency or the RNSE (Raw Network Speed Envy). Another wireless ISP is coming into the mountainous county I live in but may do me no good because of a certain 3,400 foot tall ridge between their transmitter and my house. The "white space" technology coming on to the market looks interesting but is still not anything like fiberoptic cable.
  10. This morning's results from Hughes give 2131kbps down and 121kbps up. TMN gives 16.3 Mbps (followed with 138, one hundred and thirty-eight Mbps) down and 99 up. Original TMN numbers were 2 to 3 Mbps down before extensive tweaking. The biggest increase in scores after the tweaking was a discwash of my 466 GB hard disc. Setting aside RAM for the use of the network card seems to have helped. No actions of any kind have any statistically significant effect on upload speed. It looks like very effective throttling software.
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