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  1. I see no logged test results under your user name
  2. Ookla tests may be connecting to a nearby test server. They also throw out data. Assuming you’ve picked the TestMy test server closest to you, it’s giving you a real indication of what is happening to your data between you and that TestMy test server. This may be why you’re seeing Zoom call lags while the Ookla test show you’re good. you can try different test servers on TestMy to see how your results vary. You can also run some latency tests here on TestMy to different test servers to see the delays.
  3. https://help.keenetic.com/hc/en-us/articles/213965929-How-to-change-the-network-adapter-settings-in-Windows-to-automatically-obtain-an-IP-address-from-the-router
  4. You might try Toronto. You can run some latency tests to a few different test servers
  5. Can you show us your latency problem? Go to https://testmy.net/latency. And pick the test server you’re speed testing to.
  6. Speedtest.net also throws away the worst data points to make it look better, and it’s apparent that they average over the whole test interval with the worst data omitted.
  7. Why is it that you believe what Speedtest.net is telling you? Because it gives you a higher speed and makes you feel better?
  8. Run a few speed tests here so we can see your results
  9. To get a realistic internet speed, do some testing here on TestMy.net using the London test server. Try the test server in Germany too.
  10. https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/reset-mac-without-password-3680521/
  11. Used Apple Bluetooth keyboard. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124366943599?epid=1040284609&hash=item1cf4d8f56f%3Ag%3AyMQAAOSwXKddyu4E&LH_ItemCondition=3000&LH_BIN=1 $30
  12. I didn’t see any results here on TestMy. The tests you’ve run should tell you what speeds you’re getting to a nearby connection point in their network.
  13. Do some testing here on TestMy. Run some download testing. https://testmy.net/download upload tests https://testmy.net/upload Then do some latency testing. - select the test server that shows at the top of the home page. https://testmy.net/latency
  14. Also, the latency times of roughly 10mSec (Rome), and 30 mSec (Milan), indicate that the route of those tests results of 80+ Mbps weren’t done over a very long distance or complex network like you’re typically getting when you test using TestMy. I’m some 700 miles from the NY server. Milan and Rome are about 300 miles apart. I get about 60 mSec latency to NY. It sounds from the 9mS delay that you’re close to Rome. Your 30 mSec lag is roughly 1/2 of what I typically get and you’re roughly 1/2 the distance from Milan than I am from New York. Your real internet performance will be worse than the 80+ Mbps as for most of your online time, you’ll be connected over much greater distances and much more complex data paths. The test methods you’re using are telling you what the maximum sustained performance you can ever expect over short simple data paths. TestMy is giving you a much more realistic measure of what your internet experience will be.
  15. Funny. My iMac boots and shuts down very quickly and my Win 10 machine boots and shuts down very slowly. Not sure why your iMac would be booting so slowly.
  16. Not sure what you’re asking. This site is for checking speeds and data latency.
  17. What speeds should you be getting according to your provider?
  18. Do you know what download and upload speeds they were supposed to supply you? There are a lot of posts in the forums about poor performance with Hughes.
  19. What speeds is your plan supposed to give you?
  20. What’s your ISP plan say you’re supposed to be getting?
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