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  1. When you’re watching movies wirelessly, and it’s buffering, are you on your laptop, or a smart TV, or a Roku - what kind of device are you watching on? What type of wireless ESS device are you using: is there a wireless router and a separate modem, or an all-in-one modem/router? How far is it from your laptop to the wireless modem-router? Are there a lot of walls between your viewing device and the wireless point?
  2. Pgoodwin1

    cleaning a pc with air compressor

    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/266135-31-cleaning-computer-compressor just don’t let any small wires or ribbon cables vibrate or move around while you’re blowing it out. It’ll fatigue the wires/cables and potentially crack them where they’re attached to something that’s fixed in place. you can use a small soft bristled paint brush to dust with to loosen up the dust before you blow it out.
  3. Pgoodwin1

    TCP Optimizer

    What speed plan are you on for down/up ?
  4. Pgoodwin1

    Is my Internet speed accurate?

    Amazing they’re actually really helpful. Are they in an alternate universe?
  5. Pgoodwin1

    slow uploadspeed

    What does your provider say the max upload speed should be. What do they advertise as their upload speed for the plan that you’re on?
  6. Pgoodwin1

    400+ everywhere else but >10 here. HELP!

    That sure helped a lot. I only have a 200/10 Mbps plan, so I don’t know what things make a system reach significantly above what you’re getting now. Your recent plots look a lot like what I see with my system using Spectrum (Time Warner).
  7. Pgoodwin1

    400+ everywhere else but >10 here. HELP!

    What’s your plan download max advertised as? i noticed on Nov 18, four of your tests were close to 200, and the rest very low. We’re all the tests taken on the same machine? Are you testing via wireless or Ethernet. If wireless, see if things behave the same using Ethernet if you can
  8. Pgoodwin1

    ADSL vs WiFi speed

    How far are you from the TestMy test server compared to where the Speedtest server is from you?
  9. Pgoodwin1

    Upload Speed from test

    I’m not sure their answer “too bad, the only thing they can do is to lower my plan to 5Mbps so I will pay less.“ is even true. The fact that they are measuring only 1 Mbps from their end says there’s something terribly wrong. I would be persistent with them. Ask them if they can elevate the problem to a supervisor. Tell them you’re willing to pay the full price for their service if they can deliver what they sold you. It’s frustrating, but persistence with patience may work. If you call enough times, they may actually do something about it. It sounds from that answer they gave you that a person of low technical capability is answering your calls so be persistent about elevating the issue. if there are other people in your area with the same service and plan, see if you can find out how theirs is working. If theirs has the same problem, then it’s a widespread problem they have. If theirs is faster and more consistent, then the issue would obviously be more localized. The ISP should be able to check other customer speeds in the area, and inform you what they found. Not sure I’d trust an answer from the first tier customer support people though since they told you 0.5 to 1 is all they can deliver on a 10 Mbps plan. I’d try to propose to a supervisor that they repeat connection tests to other customers. You checking independently if possible would be the best way.
  10. Pgoodwin1

    Upload Speed from test

    I don’t see the 86.8 Mbps number in your results. And yes, the huge variation is pretty bad. You might call them and get them to at least make it more consistent.
  11. Pgoodwin1

    Dropped tests

    @CA3LE maybe you can answer this one
  12. Pgoodwin1

    Very big difference between testmynet vs speedtest

    The 6 MB/sec is megabytes per second. The roughly 48 Mbps from TestMy and Speedtest is megabits per second. There are 8 bits per byte, so the 6 MB/sec is the same as 48 Mbps. I notice that your test results in Results over the past week has quite a few points between 40 and 50 Mbps, with a few points here and there between 10 and 25. Pretty big variation but not uncommon on the internet these days.
  13. Pgoodwin1

    Internet Speeds

    220 is about as high as I’ve ever seen on our Spectrum 200/10 Plan.So it looks like you’re there.
  14. Pgoodwin1

    World results

    @CA3LE Just a heads up - if you do some work on the Database. There’s some glitches in the world results full listing behavior. if you select “Download Speed” to sort,, page 1 comes up sorted. If you go to page 2, it’s no longer sorted by download speed. If you choose to sort on download speed on page 2, it jumps back to page 1. Also, it looks like you should be able to sort on increasing download speed by selecting download, but it won’t change from the increasing.dorection. i checked the beta version, it’s different - doesn’t have the tabs, but the sorting has the same issue
  15. Pgoodwin1

    World results

    Looks like using the Search / Full Losting tab on the world results page under Database will find whatever you need. Other than the fastest country averages listed on the Top Countries for Bandwicth tab, I don’t se a country ranking.
  16. Pgoodwin1

    Internet Speeds

    pobrechamaco’s #1 comment above is a good place to start.not sure what year that PC is. I couldn’t find the Ethernet spec for that model online. Do you have a manual for the PC ? Is it a gigabit Ethernet? I found a spec on the wireless card - it’s 802.11 b/g/n. The “n” wireless should be fast enough to get you the 200 Mbps, but I don’t know if HP’s wireless in that PC operates near the max of 802.11 n. You shouldn’t have to get a wireless USB dongle if your Ethernet card is gigabit Ethernet. If you’re using a Spectrum modem / router, the router should be the limiting item. I have a 200 Mbps Spectrum plan and get an average of about 190 Mbps as tested here with wireless. Typically I’ll get 150-170 via Ethernet . - not on a PC though. And I’m not skilled with PCs (Mac guy). I know there are some skilled PC hardware guys on here that could help. Theres plenty of possible problems in software.
  17. Pgoodwin1

    Internet Speeds

    What make and model PC do you have? Are you connecting via Ethernet or Wireless?
  18. @CA3LE An alternative or addition to the present average % variance would be to show two things: 1. the max deviation from the average, 2. The average of the absolute value of all the deviations. Average (abs(Speed1 - Average), abs(Speed2 - Average),....abs(Speed19 - Average)) and maybe have a button for the option of displaying both 1. and 2. either in % or in Mbps.
  19. That’s pretty bad. Stay on them. Be polite but persistent.
  20. Pgoodwin1

    What about DNS response?

    I see ping test results of 20-40 mS, but have delays now loading web pages of 5-6 seconds (or more) where in the past they’d load in a couple of seconds. Seems like either web pages have become either 4-5 times more complex or somebody (or lots of somebodies) are throttling or putting me in ques with lower priority than some others. i believe our gov’t, by not continuing the open internet has allowed this phenomenon, and it’ll likely get worse and not better.
  21. Pgoodwin1

    What about DNS response?

    I’m starting to see delays like that too. I don’t know where in the path the delay is.
  22. Pgoodwin1

    Super low internet speed, HELP

    Run some more tests. Set up Auto Test, and get some data. Auto test is under the Speed Test tab pulldown near the top of the home page. If you have a laptop, try plugging directly into an Ethernet port on your modem/router and run a few speed tests. if you’re using wireless, get right next to your wireless router and see if it’s better.
  23. Pgoodwin1

    Hello all Hughes Net users

    @wayne nestor Hughes Net is certainly one of the most talked about providers on this site - not in a good way. Search the forums for the most recent discussions and see if anyone got anywhere with your setup
  24. Pgoodwin1

    85% Middle Variance

    There’s no incompatibility with Apple routers that I know of.
  25. Can’t help you with the computer problem, but even the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi shouldn’t be slow. It has more range (better through walls) than 5G, and supports speeds much higher than your 40 Mbps plan. “Under ideal conditions, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi will support up to 450 Mbps or 600 Mbps, depending on the class of the router. 5 GHz Wi-Fi will support up to 1300 Mbps.” it depends on the router/model model and design how fast it will be and what range you’ll get. On an iPad Air 2 on a 200 Mbps plan, I get a full 200 on the 5G and roughly half that (90-95) on the 2.4 channel. this isn’t to say you don’t have a computer problem, it sounds like you do because it’s disconnecting from the router altogether, and the chrome book sounds like it isn’t. It shouldn’t disconnect and reconnect if your signal strength is adequate on both the router and the computer. hopefully someone with more PC knowledge than me will chime in.
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