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  1. I didn’t see any results here on TestMy. The tests you’ve run should tell you what speeds you’re getting to a nearby connection point in their network.
  2. Do some testing here on TestMy. Run some download testing. https://testmy.net/download upload tests https://testmy.net/upload Then do some latency testing. - select the test server that shows at the top of the home page. https://testmy.net/latency
  3. Also, the latency times of roughly 10mSec (Rome), and 30 mSec (Milan), indicate that the route of those tests results of 80+ Mbps weren’t done over a very long distance or complex network like you’re typically getting when you test using TestMy. I’m some 700 miles from the NY server. Milan and Rome are about 300 miles apart. I get about 60 mSec latency to NY. It sounds from the 9mS delay that you’re close to Rome. Your 30 mSec lag is roughly 1/2 of what I typically get and you’re roughly 1/2 the distance from Milan than I am from New York. Your real internet performance wi
  4. Funny. My iMac boots and shuts down very quickly and my Win 10 machine boots and shuts down very slowly. Not sure why your iMac would be booting so slowly.
  5. Not sure what you’re asking. This site is for checking speeds and data latency.
  6. What speeds should you be getting according to your provider?
  7. Do you know what download and upload speeds they were supposed to supply you? There are a lot of posts in the forums about poor performance with Hughes.
  8. What speeds is your plan supposed to give you?
  9. What’s your ISP plan say you’re supposed to be getting?
  10. @CA3LE maybe you can handle this one
  11. There’s a lot of discussion on TestMy about HughesNet. Most of it not too good. well at least you’re getting 22 Mbps speed out in a rural area, which is better than many. Hopefully that continues and it’s not intermittently low.
  12. There’s a lot of discussion on TestMy about HughesNet. Most of it not too good. Search on Hughes above.
  13. Hello Aiden - SW Ohio here - Cincinnati area
  14. There’s an Automatic test here on TestMy. It’s a web page and not an app. I don’t believe it notifies you with an email, but you specify how long the test is to run. On the TestMy home page - right under the Test My Internet button there’s a link to the automatic test.
  15. Read all the tabs here. The OOKLA tests aren’t telling you your real speed on the internet. https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php those are some impressive speeds though
  16. There are a lot of Hughesnet Customers that have complained about their speeds here at TestMy. If you search here in the forums, you’ll get 39 pages of comments containing Hughes.
  17. @CA3LE you’re probably the best one to advise here
  18. They have a history here at TestMy of being bad
  19. Is your Roku connected via wireless or ethernet?
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