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  1. @CA3LE you may have to answer this one. His results are 2005-2006
  2. Maybe with enough phone calls you can get them to route you differently.
  3. No. It’s not normal. You should be getting a pretty consistent speed of 90 - 100 and maybe a little higher
  4. I don’t know what kind of average and stability you should expect at those high speeds. Maybe someone with experience at those type speeds will chime in and comment. There’s a lot of things that have to be perfect to attain near-gigabit speeds.
  5. What speeds should you be getting - per your ISP plan?
  6. Go to The Database pop up above. Select Provider Results and Select Hughes. Select last 100 results. Avg download speed on TestMy is 16.1 Mbps. You can play around with the number of test results to see more history
  7. Pgoodwin1


    @Canzy that’s a really fast speed
  8. The short answer is that your ISP test Server site is <50 miles from you, and is not reporting the complete results to you.nearby test servers don’t give you a realistic internet performance speed because most of the time when you use the internet, the sites you connect to are much farther away than 50 miles and go through a complex web of nodes. You can see on the green and yellow graph above that your download speed is all over the place but the result they give you (109Mbps) is the value it was at the end of the test, The actual value of that data is far lower than 109 if they had averaged over the whole test period. Here’s a good write up of why the TestMy results are meaningful and the ISP tests have a limited usefulness. Read all the tabs on this page. https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php
  9. Sorry for the confusion. I meant what speeds are you supposed to be getting from your ISP plan?
  10. @entrappedmind too bad it’s your only option. @CA3LE do you have any comment on entrappedmind’s comment: Not according to them. "We do guarantee your speeds to us. Beyond our network we can not do anything about that." "...you are getting your correct speeds to us which is what we guarantee." "...we have no control over what happens with data once it is no longer in our footprint." "...we can guarantee are tests performed at speedtest.bex.net, as that traffic stays entirely on our network. We have no control over internet traffic once it leaves our network” If I remember correctly, you’ve made some comments in the past about how ISPs help customers for issues outside the ISP’s network by negotiating re-routes
  11. I don’t see how they can prevent you from recording anything on your end (and how would they know). And since they have no ticket system, they aren’t behaving like a real service company. Sounds like you should end your service with them ASAP if you can’t get some action via phone calls. Don’t let them bully you with talk about your contract. They broke the contract with lack of service.
  12. It’s a pain to have to go thru this stuff I know. I suggest you call them instead of emailing. Be polite but persistent. If you don’t get satisfaction from talking to their first level support person, ask to speak to a supervisor. I assume you have some kind of problem ticket number that your emails are posting to.
  13. I notice in your TestMy results table of download tests: all of the bad results have a 40MB test file size, and all of your better ones have a test file size of 122MB. Maybe try some manual testing with either 100MB or 125MB chosen manually. If the test time is excessively long because of low speeds, reduce it from 100 to 75. See if there’s any consistency with the larger test file sizes. The file size is probably not the issue, but I did notice all your lousy download speeds were with the 40MB test file size.
  14. I don’t think their comments about them not being able to control things beyond their system footprint is entirely true. I believe they can do something about it by identifying where the bottlenecks are and having those providers help diversify traffic. I don’t personally know what it is that can be done. Maybe @CA3LE can comment here about what to request them to do. Bottom line is for them to have happy customers. They’re an Internet Service Provider not just a Buckeye Broadband access service.
  15. Looking at your test data it shows something happened after 3/23/20. Your tests after that changed to really low. Try selecting the Dallas test server with Multithread off. I notice your results have multithread on for download tests and the Dallas server selected for upload testing. I assume the Dallas server is the closest to you. Is that true?
  16. All of your latency tests look really big. On your Buckeye Broadband test the ping test said 13 mSec. That would have been to a very nearby server (one of theirs). So it’s not your equipment. Ask them to route you differently.
  17. Do some test my ping testing to the various test my test servers and post back with those results. I do not know how stable you can expect your results to be using Ethernet in your house at this high ISP plan speeds. If you’re not connected directly to the modem gateway then wiring length and quality may be coming into play. Outside your house, I don’t know how stable their system is either at those high speeds. My plan is a Charter (Time Warner) 200 Mbps plan and it varies about +/- 10 % typically Round 210 Mbps. That’s via wireless. The one computer I have that’s connected via Ethernet typically maxes out around 150 Mbps though. Not sure if that’s because my house cabling is CAT5E instead of CAT6.
  18. Run some tests here so people can see what you’re getting
  19. That sounds like something that Spectrum should be able to help you with. Call them - be patient, but be persistent and call back if they can’t find anything on the first call with them.
  20. Have you tried hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet?
  21. Support Net Neutrality The US Court has asked for public opinion about the disgraceful erosion of open internet rules pre-2016 when Trump installed Ajit Pai as the head of the FCC. Mozilla challenged the new FCC rules (2017) in court (2018). Here’s your chance to get on record. Trump’s FCC wants tiered $ charging for priority service (you’ll be put in a queue and throttled) if you don’t pay for the highest tier service). The ISPs, Trump, the Republican Party, and the FCC support this - nobody else. File your comment (Online form) here. https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express Enter 17-108 in the first field. That’s the docket number Tell them to throw out everything that’s been done by the FCC on net neutrality since 2016. The form only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Tell them that the FCC is no longer working for the American people but are implementing Trump’s directives to the FCC. There’s been a constant erosion of the public open internet. The FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom lies are here: https://www.fcc.gov/restoring-internet-freedom. Completely misleading Here’s Mozilla’s case description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_v._FCC
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