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  1. A woman who can't swim is crying on the beach a man walks up to her and says why are you crying. She says "I've never been hugged" So the man hugs her half an hour later she is still crying "Why are you crying" he asks "I've never been kissed" Reluctantly he kisses her. 20 minutes later she is still sobbing. "Why are you crying" he asks "I've never been fcuked" She says. So he picks her up to the deep water and drops her. "Now your really Fcuked aren't you."
  2. kirithief is my sister and that is not a real picture of her and by the way her name is chantel. She only started going on this thing when she saw me on it and it took me a while to figure out kirithief was her. U want a real picture her
  3. LG are as good as anyone at making phones the only problem and that is with all mobile phones is the cancer risk.
  4. ok ill give it a go thanks
  5. Which will be number one selling video game for christmas Halo 2 San andreas Sims 2 .......?
  6. do u no what ur most floored arguement is before u said i am close minded but am not ignorant so u compliment and insult me at the same time.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm makes no sense
  7. Answer the god forsaken questions already it could ne as simple as A) yes anglican C) No
  8. aha sure from where im standing i still believe my arguements were stronger but can u answer the questions.
  9. Whats that sposed to mean (hmm)
  10. the happy hahnica thing was my friends idea he said use it when ur in an arguement and the lack of sense to the comment could distract u and give me a chance to obtaina an upper hand
  11. and know my parents arent hippies but my dad is a senator who tries halt so much violence practical or theoretical i'm like an assasin compared to him. now just bear with me for a moment i have some questions which will make sense in the end, A)your english arent u What relgion are u C)is their a special protocall im supposed to follow when creating a thread
  12. you to but its not for 14 days yet
  13. ok i'll just twiddle my thumbs and pretend i know what you clever people are talking about
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