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  1. no evidence omg listen carefully i will say this all only once as it is a lot to say.

    3000bc Brittian falls to rome, Roman emperors such as Augustus ceaser takes entertainment in capital punnnishment, around 5000 years later such violence is used for entertainment however jousting which is still a very violent sport to be played in modern time is very poppular for the rich to entertain themselves with, the middle ages end in 1600 when already jousting is losing popularity, 1900, world war one starts over greed not used as a form of entertainment i know but still is used for gaining accessability to entertainment, 1930's world war 2 starts for similar reasons, In moder day their has been no world war for over 70 years, their has been nothing nearly as violent as jousting used for entertainment in conclusion i find that violence is most defiantly becoming a most unpopoular thing for example the war in iraq started nothing but outrage from protesters world wide, at the rate life is going violence will become so unpopular, i believe, that one day governments will be under so much pressure by voters and protesters they will not go to war, their will be harsher restrictions on violence used as entertainment, including things like wresstling and video games and thus is my educated hypotheses

  2. i am aware that the world has been around for more than 80 years thankyou in fact i refered to the roman age just 20 minutes ago however my point is that, violence is decreasing in parts of the world at increasing rates, it decreased a bit throughout the roman age that was milleniums on end, it decrease a fair bit through out the middle ages, which is over 1000 years, and now in just 80 years it has decrease a little. A metaphoric way of describing this is that "non violence is gainging speed"

  3. mr hahn u could not be more wrong i may have over estimated the rate violence is becoming disliked at but it is still happening at a steady rate, 80 years ago their were 2 world wars less the 40 years apart their has not been another for 80 years or so

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