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  1. No, they don't advertize them per se but, they do exist. Although I'm not sure how strict they are on enforcing them.
  2. ISP: Cox Communications Advertised Speeds 65/5 (Mb) Price:~$65 Cap:400GB Testmy.net Results:
  3. I was actually shocked to see that IE 10 outperforms both Chrome and Firefox (at least as far as the speed testing goes). I'm still stumped as to why those 2 browsers consistently pull half of the speed both with and without addons loaded. As far as the site look/formatting goes, everything that I've seen looks and loads correctly. EDIT: Now when I go to the "upload test" page I get a warning saying that an addon for the site failed to run. I think it may have to do with one or more of the ads displayed on that page though cause that is the only part of the site I've seen it on so far.
  4. I can't believe it, but IE 10 is actually my fastest browser by far with regards to the testmy.net speed tests. I actually hit my advertised speeds for the first time ever with this speed test/browser combo!
  5. FF west coast (100MB test size) Test 1 27.4 Mb/s Test 2 27.6 Mb/s Test 3 29.8 Mb/s FF east coast (100MB test size) Test 1 21.3 Mb/s Test 2 18.3 Mb/s Test 3 20.1 Mb/s Chrome east coast (100MB test size) Test 1 20.5 Mb/s Test 2 20.0 Mb/s Test 3 hung @60% Chrome west coast (100MB test size) Test 1 32.3 Mb/s Test 2 9.5 Mb/s Test 3 15.0 Mb/s IE9 west coast (100MB test size) Test 1 23.0 Mb/s Test 2 29.6 Mb/s Test 3 hit 4GB daily limit [/php] I didn't bother calculating the averages this time around because I couldn't complete the test on a couple of runs. Also, whe
  6. I've switched back to Cox Communications from Centurylink and I can't seem to get anywhere close to my rated speeds using the testmy.net speed test. In fact, as I posted in another thread, my results even vary between browsers on the same system. I'm subscribed to cox's Ultimate tier which is supposed to give me speeds of 65Mb down and 5Mb up. The following are my results from testmy.net using a custom test size of 100MB With Firefox, Chrome, and IE9: Firefox V 17.0.1 (addons enabled) 100MB download test size (testmy.net Central server) Test 1 30.5 Mb/s Test 2 30.4 Mb/s Test 3 3
  7. I've run the test with the max connections set at 6, 8, and 10 with no difference in the results. I'm stumped...
  8. Ran the speed test again with all addons disabled: I wonder if it has something to do with the number of simultaneous connections allowed? If I use this link http://spasche.net/files/parallel_connections/ with FF my results show 4 connections. However, if I use the same test with IE9 the results show 6 connections... Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the reply! I have 3 addons installed on FF: Adblock plus, Download Statusbar, and NoScript. Adblock is running the easylist filter and before running the test I allowed all permissions in NoScript. I'll try it again with all addons disabled and see if that makes a difference.
  10. Just as the title says, my speed test results (download) differ by as much as 10Mb depending on the browswer being used to run the test. However upload speeds seem to be consistent between browsers. Does anyone have an idea as to why this may be happening? Or any suggestions on how to improve the results when using FF? On a side note the results displayed in the IE window are closes to my advertised connection speed (40Mb) http://
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